Saturday, December 2, 2006

A Potpourri Post

(the picture is my oldest son playing Santa at his job a few years ago)

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, life just gets busy sometimes I went from working 11 pm to 7 am shift last week, to working 3 pm to 11 pm shift this week, and my body still seems somewhat confused,lol, as to 'what day is this? am I asleep or awake?"

Our plans for today are to finish shopping for that one last soldier package I need to mail off (ahem...or should I say 'Marine package' "Oorah!"  Somehow, Emma and I ended up sending 3 Marines packages this year, last year it was the Army "Hooah!" )  

  Please, no 'hate mail' from any Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard personnel,lol,we love all of you,too, and I wish I could send a package to Everyone!...our 'coadopted' serviceman from Soldiers Angels ended up being a Marine,and then  Emma adopted another Marine when she heard back from her, after sending a card to her for the Soldiers Angels Cards Plus Team 

And then, the name I requested from Operation Holiday Cheer ALSO turned out to be a Marine....what can I say, I guess it's just meant to be a Marine Christmas this year

I know,I am waiting till the last minute if I am mailing the last package Monday !

Speaking of Holiday Mailings? I don't know if you have seen Kat's wonderful news? 
The power of the Internet, and of giving,caring people working together!!
Sadly, Kat also had some other news posted at Yikes! that I wanted to pass on 
and there is another family I would ask you to remember in your prayers, the family of Spc. Jessiah Jameson 
(although it is all over MySpace and on various message boards that Spc. Jameson's body has been found, the above was the only news information I could find regarding that thus far.)
Thank you all, for all the prayers you send up daily for our troops, and in particular for these families!
The other various things I wanted to write about are, as I said in the title, kind of a 'potpourri' of subjects. I wanted to say a big 'Welcome"! (belatedly)to a new "Angel"
and  it is from her blog here  Christmas Song Lyrics  that I first heard of the Christmas song  "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"  (NOT a Christmas song I was familiar with before ) I went searching for it, and found a link here  to be able to hear the song.(and now I can't get the song out of my head,LOL.)
Doc in the Box had a post about a website poking fun at the Navy and I thought the page was funny also, so thought I'd share his post pointing the way to it :)
Laurie at Soldiers Angels New York says the War Tapes is available 
and in 'yet another reason I think the Internet rocks" :) from a post I did about my Grandad's Navy service awhile back 
I have actually heard from someone whose father served on the ship also, and am going to be trying to get in contact with him. Even if he didn't serve with my Grandad, it will just be fascinating, I think, to learn more about the ship, and what those serving on it did during those years!!
In other exciting (to me,LOL) news....I have received my first two Christmas cards of the first one was from a fellow member of  Soldiers Angels ,ThankYou!! and the second one from a soldier in Iraq!!
Well, that is my very disjointed round-up of various goings-on, songs stuck in my head,LOL, and 'why you haven't seen a post from me since the Wednesday Hero post'.(and by the way, if you check out the sidebar, that Blogroll is growing by leaps and warms my heart, to think that so many folks want to remember and honor our heroes, and also for me be a small part of such a thing:)
Hope everyone has a good weekend, we are off to shop! and God bless our Troops!
(P.S. Holy cow, I forgot to post THE most exciting news in our daughter got a part as an orphan in the upcoming production of Oliver! at her high school....WAY TO GO,APRIL!!!!  Love from Mom :)

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