Thursday, December 7, 2006

What are You Doing on Dec.14th ?

I first mentioned Wreaths Across America back  here

But I wanted to mention them again, because now it looks like I'll be participating in the wreath laying that will be held on Dec. 14 at an area National Cemetary  ,( as my First mission with the Patriot Guard Riders  :)

And yesterday on the web I noticed that some folks seem to think the wreath laying is only taking place at I wanted to direct people once again to

Wreaths Across America

If you scroll down that page, it lists the "Wreaths Across America Site Blog"...(I can't seem to specifically hyperlink it, sorry,' half-a-geek') and the blog lists BY STATE, the cemetaries across the country where wreath laying ceremonies are going to occur. So if you are interested in attending a ceremony, please go check and see where it's happening next Thursday in your state.

And, today being Dec.7th? I wanted to post this picture I took when we visited the Memorial in 2003. Please remember our veterans in your prayers today.

I spoke yesterday with the gentleman who had served with my grandfather in WW II .How awesome is that? that because of the Internet, I actually got to speak with someone who had been in the Navy with my Grandad??!!

He is going to be sending me several things, including a copy of a picture he has. I shared the news with my mother and uncles, who are all extremely excited (as am I ! :) I am extremely grateful, to the man's son for contacting me after he saw my post, and to the veteran himself, who was a delightful man to talk to! Thank you, sir!!

I had more I could share, but I must run to get ready for work!! Y'all know that I will be posting again,LOL.

And God bless our troops!!



ceilisundancer said...

I found your journal through Tom's Guest Editor picks.   My uncle should have a cross there in Arlington Cemetery.   (Died as a teenaged-POW in Korea in the "conflict" there.)   We didn't know he could, even without remains coming back to U.S.A. soil, but are working on that now.   Meaning, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is for him and all the others in similar situations.  Beautiful photo.   It reminds me of the Korean War memorial in the snow.    I hope that you can spend a few moments at the other memorials in the city (well, DC, not Arlington per se), while you're in town.   Some of them are truly  unforgettable.   -- Robin

ceilisundancer said...

Just reread, and realized you said you'd be an A National Cemetary, not saying you'll be at the Arlington N. C.   Gotcha.  -- Robin

stevekane77 said...

Congrats on your PGR membership!  Did you buy a Harley too??

kasee267 said...

Nope,don't have a Harley....just have to ride in a 'cage', as they say.