Friday, December 15, 2006

Wreaths Across America yesterday,and More Web Surfing

The ceremony at our little area cemetary yesterday was very moving. The link to the local newspaper article about it is here  
It was an honor and a privilege to be able to participate in this.
And I discovered last night when I got home that someone had linked to one of my posts about  Wreaths Across America, it's a great read,go check it out here 
and obviously the Journals Editor agrees with me that she has a great blog,LOL (nice of him to do that:)....her blog is the Featured Journaler Feed on the AOL Journals Main Page today....congrats! to her :)
I'm going to have to fly to get ready and leave for work shortly...but there are several great blog posts I've come across that I've wanted to pass on. Before I do, I wanted to pass on this information from Kat at Yikes! 
Walter Reed is no longer accepting "any soldier" donations,please go read the scoop on Kat's blog.
I love surfing Technorati...I came across this fantastic post that I think says it all for anyone who is a troop supporter   Click here:
and I came across this post that moved me to tears 
And, for yet another way to send Christmas messages to the troops? Soldiers Angels Lori has a post where you can add your messages. (if you are on MySpace) 
Wishing everyone a good weekend, and God bless our troops!!

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freemansixpack said...

hubby and I wathched a thing about it on CNN last was the best thing on T.V last night. Just so wonderful to see the 500+ that turned out to help. such a sweet gift to give to those lives lost and their families too.
have a good weekend doll.