Monday, December 18, 2006

Honoring the Fallen, and the Families of the Fallen

The Online Chaplain had a recent post in which he said in part..."A lot is said about the character of the american soldier by the media.  But, not so much is mentioned about the character of the families of american soldiers.  Perhaps, here is where the credit lies...." and you can read the rest of that post here   Click here: The Online Chaplain: Soldier Families

and then I came across a post on Some Soldiers Mom, where she writes about the mother of a fallen hero,which continues along the same theme  Click here: Some Soldier's Mom: Where Do We Find Such Women?

Along those same lines "Where do we find such people?" and "the character of the families of American soldiers"....I am sure most of you have probably seen a posting somewhere about US Army PFC Ross McGinnis? (which I first came across on Blackfive ) Click here: BLACKFIVE: "Blue Spader" Down - Godspeed Ross McGinnis

(Please go read the post before reading my entry further,if you have not already seen this)


My heart is wrenched by the loss of every soldier,but having two sons who are 20 and 22, and another young man very close to our family who is leaving in Jan. to join the Army at the age of heart always particularly grieves for those families who lose a soldier who is so very close in age to those I love who are so dear to me.

And I am awed  that his family chose to respond to their grievous loss by asking all those who wished to express their condolences,to please do this........

His family has suggested for anybody who wishes to make a memorial donation to send something to a service member overseas, a veteran or local service member and present it as a gift from PFC Ross McGinnis.

Could I do the same in their shoes? I don't know (and hope I may never have to find out.) But it seems to me that here is a clear example of why PFC McGinnis was who he was, and why he would act so selflessly to save those around him.....a family that would respond to their loss in this manner.

If you wish to honor his parents request, the address is on  Blackfive's post , but I will also repost it here.

Gifts to his unit may be sent to:

SFC Cedric Thomas
1st Platoon, C/1-26 IN
Task Force Blue Spader
APO AE 09390-1537


God rest the soul of PFC McGinnis, and we are keeping the family of this soldier,and all those who are fallen, in our prayers. May they be surrounded with grace and peace and strength in the days ahead,and may we always remember and honor their loved ones.

I know our remembrance will not in any way atone of their loss,but please may it bring some small bit of comfort to them, to know that others grieve for them.


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