Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blogs by Members of Soldiers Angels

I came up with two ideas the other night, (just in case I didn't already spend enough time on the web,lol:)

One of them was to try to come up with a listing of blogs by members of Soldiers Angels, because I keep seeing partial lists of blogs on other people's blogrolls,but I've never found a complete listing.

I've gotten that list started

and if you think your blog belongs on that list (or would like your blog removed) just send me an email at 
My other idea was for the members of Soldiers Angels who are on MySpace. I realized that there are so many members there who blog that trying to include those blogs on the list would make it Endless, over on MySpace, I started a "Soldiers Angels Blogs" blog group, for members of Soldiers Angels on MySpace who blog.
(And then, typically,I realized I didn't know how to tell people to FIND the blog group...."another dorky moment",LOL:)
If you're a Soldiers Angels member who blogs on MySpace, here's a link to my profile
and you can message me on there, if you're interested:)

1 comment:

flaggazer said...

Your ideas are long overdue!
Thank you for doing it!