Monday, March 19, 2007

Woo Hoo! I Registered:)...and Various Other Topics

Just finished my registration for the  2007 Milblog Conference  ,Woo Hoo!

(and I don't anticipate any freakish MAY snowstorms,lol, like this last one that changed my plans for attending  Gathering of Eagles  )

I'm SO excited to be attending, there are so many folks I'll finally get to meet in  Sean and his wife ,  Toni  , Yankeemom , Laurie ........the list goes on and on:) and also seeing all the panelists, like the founder of Soldiers Angels, Patti Patton-Bader .

I was also excited to see that one of the other registrants is  Joe Loong ,hey, who knew I'd also get a chance to see the AOL Journals Editor?

I don't consider myself a very important blogger,lol, more like just a dorky troop supporter who happens to have a blog:) but I think the Milblog Conference will be a Great learning experience, and a Great Time. I won't be able to attend the cocktail reception the night before, but I'll be there all day on the day of the conference!!

Moving on, for more round ups on the Gathering of Eagles?  You can of course visit the website  Click here: Gathering of Eagles

and I also wanted to particularly mention that CJ at A Soldiers Perspective has several posts up about it (plus lots of links to others who blogged about it.) 

 Click here: Noble Duty Milblogger Coalition - A Soldier's Perspective

Continuing in my tradition of being "a day late..." I learned there was a local rally to support the troops on March 17 at about the time that it was happening 

so I didn't get to attend that, either. But here's some local coverage about it. 
This is something I just thought was cool :)
There are two fellow troop supporters who could use your assistance. 
 Renee  is preparing 250 Welcome Home cards for a unit returning home, and is asking for donations to offset the cost (starting at $1.00 :) For more information about that, you can contact her at
and a fellow Soldiers Angel member who sells Avon is running a fundraiser until April 11....if you order from her site, 50% of the proceeds will go to Soldiers Angels !
Lastly, Dorkbloggers is going to be having a contest! :) Bring out your best Dork stories, and polish them up 
(and y'all know I'll be entering this one,lol, the problem is trying to decide Which dork story I should choose?  Hitting the Children's Miracle Network donation box at Dairy Queen?  Getting the chips display caught on my jeans in Subways?  or the most recent....getting myself shut in my own shed ?)
Well, that's it for today. Happy Monday! and have a good week:)
God Bless Our Troops, and God Bless their Families.


acoward15 said...

Dorkbloggers! Are there many people that discus whale penises in their journals? Though saying that, I have actually discussed that very subject in my journal!

kasee267 said...

No, they are blogging about one of the alternative definitions for "dork" ,thank goodness:)
The Online dictionary has that definition as:
dork \dork\ (d[^o]rk), n.
    1. a person who is stupid, socially inept, or ridiculous;

But thanks for bringing up the fact that there's another definition of dork.(Sorry, couldn't resist the obvious pun:)
I went by your blog, it's hilarious. Thanks for stopping by!