Friday, March 23, 2007

A Very Quick Spin around the Web

Has anyone heard about "Operation America Rising"?

 Click here: Operation America Rising

I'm suddenly seeing it all over MySpace. I'm probably a day late and a dollar short again on keeping up with the news.....2 weeks ago on Yahoo Answers, someone posted a message asking if anyone had heard of it. Check it out, and tell me what you think?

And this looks like a nice book giveaway  Click here: For Our Military 

Two good DefenseLink news articles

 Click here: DefenseLink News Article: Medal of Honor Heroes Set the Standard, England Says

Click here: DefenseLink News Article: America Supports You: Mile-Long Yellow Ribbon Bound for Baghdad

A fellow Soldiers Angels member and online friend (thanks,Joann!:) sent this link to a beautiful tribute

Click here: Thank You !!!

Michael Yon has a new post up  Click here: Michael Yon : Online Magazine » Blog Archive » RUBS

And a big CONGRATULATIONS! and WAY TO GO! to Indian Chris at

Right Wing & Right Minded

who is the founder fo the Wednesday Hero Blogroll . The Blogroll is now up to EIGHTY BLOGS!!! :)


For 'non-Internet news".....please keep another friend and family in your prayers this weekend, as a second son leaves for deployment to Iraq.

And I have been receiving letters from "D", my boyfriend's son in Army Basic training. He is doing well, and says time is "flying by"....for those of us here at home, it seems forever till June will get here! It's been delightful to receive letters from him,though:) I suppose I thought he wouldn't really be 'into' writing letters (the "IM generation",lol) I've been pleasantly surprised at how much he's written to us!



That's it for today, hope everyone has a good weekend!

God Bless Our Troops, and God Bless Their Families.

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