Monday, March 5, 2007

Happy One Year Blogiversary to...Me :)

I can't believe my little blog is a year old today! :) But the other day I was searching through my archives for something previously posted, and happened to click on the very first entry I posted, and was surprised to see it was March 5th,2006. Click here: How It Started

And then, indicative of my penchant for doing things backwards,lol, I posted Why I started this blog  Click here: Why I started this journal

Wow,what a year this has been! I'm sure this will come as no surprise to many of you (and I still can't quite figure out how many readers I have,lol, partly because my hit counter on this journal seems to go wacky every time there is any kind of update for Anything having to do with AOL journals,so I have to keep resetting it...and partly because,well....I'm just not that good at math. I tried to take the current number on the hit counter,divided by 12 months, but that figure was so large I reckoned I must have made a mistake. So then I tried to take what I think is the average amount of hits I get per day, and multiply that by 30 days in a month....which was a very Different number from the first number,rofl, so by that time I just gave up and said "well, I apparently have readers,at least" THANK YOU, whoever and however many of you there are!!)

And darn it...once again I have gotten sidetracked....let me go back and read that first sentence in the last paragraph, to remember what I started to say :) Ahhh,yes, "I'm sure this will come as no surprise to many of you"....but I have never,ever read anything about "How to Blog",LOL.

I just write, and post the things I want to post... which one of the Top Ten Bloggers I Most Admire  (Sean at Doc in the Box ) says is how he does it..."I blog about what I want to,when I want to".....sound advice,I think, I've passed on those sage words of wisdom to others.

And just as I had no idea when I joined Soldiers Angels exactly where the journey would take me, or what some of the unexpected side effects would be  Click here: A One Year Anniversary:)

writing this blog has been the same. For instance, I had no idea when I decided to honor my Grandad that it would lead to contact from one of his former shipmates in WW II, and to my family and I receiving a history of the ship he served on and a picture that no one in our family had ever seen of him before.

And I had no idea when I got involved in the 2,996 project, that it would lead to the heartfelt email tribute I received from the girlfriend of the man I was given to honor  Click here: 2,996. I remember...Jonathan Neff Cappello

or that stopping by the 2,996 blog after tributes were posted would lead to me agreeing to honor two other men (see my sidebar) and that it would lead to yet another online friendship, with someone else who was awake that crazy night trying to make sure everyone who died on 9/11 was honored. Click here: the Unending Journey of the Wandering Author

It is the people I have gotten to 'meet' because of my blogging that are the most treasured unexpected side effect for me. Whether it's people here in J-Land (as the AOL Journals community is called),like  Leslie ,  Emily ,  the Freeman's ,  Tom ,  a fellownurse ,  or a single mom or many others .....

Or whether it's folks out in the blogosphere at large , like  Willie ,  Kat ,  Billy ,  Sack ,  Eric Edmundson's sister ,  My sis and brother-in-law (well, I already 'knew' them,lol, but not as bloggers:),  fellow dorks  ,  fellow members of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll

and many others.....the 'human connection' has made this journey through the past year delightful,  and always interesting. I have been fortunate enough not to ever be attacked by 'trolls', and while it may be difficult for people who don't have an AOL or AIM account to comment, rest assured that if someone really has something they want to say to me, they send me an email :)

My blog is a very small 'voice' in a very Large pond, but I am happy to be writing my posts, happy that other people will stop by to read them, and happy to discover that apparently I Can string coherent sentences together when I write,lol. (Talking coherently is still a skill I'm working on.)

I remember when I started this, JP of sent me a very nice email, that said "It's about time." (that I started a blog.) I thought to myself at the time "what have I got to Say??!!" and worried that this blog might fade away over time.

But, we've made it to the one year mark:) and I'm still here at my keyboard.

So, again, a big THANK YOU! to all who stop by here.

And HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! to my little blog :)


As always, God bless our troops, and their families.

THEY are the reason I Can sit here at my keyboard, and send my words out into the world,without worrying about censorship, or being arrested and hauled away somewhere if someone doesn't like what I write.

So, if you'd like to help me celebrate? Please consider stopping by Soldiers Angels , or any of the other Troop Support sites listed at the side, and get involved in supporting our troops :)




stevietwain said...

Happy 1 year anniversary hun!

Lv Ste

emabecmar said...

Happy Blogiversary. I'll add you to my alerts and stop by again. From what I have seen so far, you have a really nice journal.

therealslimemmy said...

happy one year :D
have a great day

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trace7 said...

Happy anniversary, and great post - a lot happens in a year!

ceilisundancer said...

Happy happy party time!  lol   Ah, a time of reflection.  (You inspired enough to check out my first post, about 10.5 months ago.)  I'm glad you're here:)   And, yes, you have a lot to say, so I'm glad you're here, too!   -- Robin

sscake26 said...

Well congratulations on a full year and happy anniversary to you!  Thank you for all that you share with us bloggers.  Teresa