Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Little More about "Hunts for Heroes"

After yesterday's Wednesday Hero Blogroll post, I was happy to see that the blogger at Gazing at the Flag did a little more research on Billy Hodges and Hunts for Heroes

and did a more indepth blog post about that.  

 Click here: Gazing at the Flag: Hunts for Heroes

So,taking a cue from her post, I thought I would pull together the various links I have about Hunts for Heroes from previous posts about them.

From a Nov.26 ,2006 post  Unexpected Surprises and Weekend Web Wanderings came this excerpt from an email from Billy Hodges:

"Hunting season is well under way and so is the HUNTS FOR HEROES team. We are well on out way of fulfilling our goal of taking wounded soldiers on 100 hunts and hunting has been indeed good.

 Last week, we hosted three wounded men and their wives from Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. Also on the hunt ....were several others..... the hunters shot over 50 ducks in two days.
After the duck hunt Saturday morning, all of our guests practiced shooting skills by having a clay shoot. Some of the wives learned how to shoot a rifle/shotgun for the first time. The wives each shot a whitetail doe Saturday afternoon. Another soldier.... shot a doe as well as a nice buck the following week in South Texas.
The HFH team provided food that was to die for. Bar-B-Que, Chili&rice, eggs, sausage, bacon as well as every kind of pastry know to man was in abundance. HFH even bought coolers so our guests could take home some of the left-over food, along with the duck breasts.
Some of the HFH team will be going to BAMC the week following Thanksgiving to see if arrangements can be made to cook some of the venison for Solders/Marines still too sick to attend one of our events.
Plans are well under way to do a television with wounded back on active duty with the 4th ID hunting geese in December. Several deer hunts are planned for the management season in January and February. We will soon be planning fishing trips for the spring.
I would like to thank all the people that have helped us financially on behalf of the HFH team. Our team is the hardest working, dedicated, giving bunch of people in the world but could not do this without your help. Your support speaks volumes in so far as supporting the troops..........Thank you."
Billy also sent video links,listed below:
From a Feb. 20,2007 post comes Another video link
And from a March 10,2007 post comes this link to Hunts for Heroes Online forums
and I urge you to take a moment to browse the forums,there's lots more great pics and info there:)
I was so pleased to see both Billy  Hodges
 ( and what he has done with Hunts for Heroes )
honored yesterday!
To get an idea of why I suggested him for being honored as a Wednesday Hero ?  I'll end this post with a quote from an email Billy sent once
"I surround myself with heroes, and I am proud to stand in their shadows" Billy
Thank you,Billy Hodges, for both your service to our country in the past, and what you are doing in service to wounded troops today!

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