Sunday, April 1, 2007

Some Sad Updates, and Sunday Web Surfing

I have a very sad update to pass on regarding my posting on March 26 about Kattiria Pacheco ,the niece of a friend who was missing since February 10. Her body has been found. I received this from Renee,her aunt, this morning :

"My missing neice has been found, but unfortunately the news is not good.  She has been murdered and found on the side of the highway, which, however is not the original location of where the crime was committed.  However, due to the amount of time she has been missing, the only way she could be identified was with dental records.

I want to thank everyone who helped spread the word about her disappearance.  Our family greatly appreciates all who got involved and please let those you informed know the outcome and send them our heartfelt thanks."

Renee has more posted on her blog on her MySpace profile 

My condolences to the family, and we are keeping them in our prayers.


The other update I have is regarding Cindy of  White Rose's Adventures , about whom I posted on March 27 , requesting mail for her. Unfortunately, she will be unable to complete Basic training, and is coming home

8th letter from Cindy
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March 27 Letter #8
I got the news yesterday that I am coming home........(and you can read the rest of the post here )
I left a comment on her blog after I read the letter her Dad had posted for her, but, as he reminded me, she won't be able to see the comment until she comes home.
CJ over at A Soldier's Perspective, where Cindy is also a contributing blogger, has a post up about this also  Click here: Noble Duty Milblogger Coalition - A Soldier's Perspective » Blog Archive » White Rose Update
(and you may want to go by there and leave a comment. If you're wishing to send 'snail mail' to Cindy, please use the address from my March 27th post quickly, as she will only be there a little while longer!)
This is hard news for Cindy to take, I know...but I must say how much I admire her for just TRYING! Best of luck to you, Cindy, in your next ventures!
In surfing around the web today, I wanted to pass on these posts that caught my eye.
From the blog A Soldier's Mind (which is a great blog, and I have been remiss in not adding them to my blogroll sooner, but I've fixed that now:) comes this story about censorship   Click here: A Soldier’s Mind » Censorship… Alive and Well in Connecticut
(Make  sure you click on the links in the'll have to register to read the New York Times story,but it's free and worth the few seconds it takes to register.)
And news about a benefit for a wounded soldier
(Hat Tip to  for alerting me to this one. Part of my family lives in MN, so news from "up there" always catches my eye.)
Other "blogging Angels" I recommend checking out today are:
And Kat at Yikes! has two posts I want to bring to your attention. The first is a video put together by a fellow member of  Soldiers Angels that is a 'must see' video  
and the second is a post about her latest card drive for our troops
Over at Soldiers Angels Europe ,Nelly has started a campaign called "Free Them Now"  Read more about it here 
(My thanks  to Keeping the Home Fires Burning  for alterting me about this. I'll be keeping the banner on my site until the captured British Soldiers come home)
That's all for today, wishing everyone a great week. God bless our Troops, and their families, and we'll be keeping those mentioned above in our prayers. Thank you.

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