Saturday, April 14, 2007

Updates, Friday the Dorkteenth Voting, and an Essay Contest at A Soldiers Mind

Some updates on folks I've blogged about previously.

Cindy of White Rose's Adventures should be home from Army Basic training, after being unable to complete the training due to health problems. While she is upset about this, it in no way diminishes the enormous respect and admiration I have for her. I think it takes a lot of guts to even Attempt Army training when you are 42 years old!!

And I think it's more honorable to have Tried to do something,even if you are unable to finish it as you would have wished to....than never to have tried at all.

You can read her latest post here  Click here: White Rose's Adventures

And here's an update on a wounded soldier that I (among Many others) passed on the request for prayers for   Click here: Soldiers' Angels Germany: Update on DJ Emery

In the "Friday the Dorkteenth" contest at Dorkbloggers

(and my entry for that contest is here Click here: "Friday the Dorkteenth"  )

they have finally posted a way to vote (although, in perhaps typical Dork fashion? I don't think it's quite working correctly yet. LOL.Plus, it still says you are to vote the week of MARCH 14-21, and I for the life of me cannot figure out how to time travel....although,hmmmm....maybe that's why the poll-voting-thingy isn't working?) Anyways.....hopefully at some point, you'll actually be able to vote at this link   Click here: DorkBloggers-Come to the Dork Side...: The time has come to GET YOUR DORK ON!

I think it would be cool to win a "Dork" contest,LOL (which should tell you quite a bit about my personality right there:) and although I'll of course say "Hey, vote for me!" please be sure to check out the other entries...there are some very good ones!

For a more serious contest? Terri and Anthony over at A Soldiers' Mind are having an essay contest on What It Means to Support the Troops 

(and there's already an update on it here  Click here: A Soldier’s Mind » Essay Contest: Update 1
A worthy cause you can vote for was sent to me in an email from my sister, who blogs here (along with her husband) 
A friend of their's has a hearing impaired child who attends a school that is attempting to win a contest being run by the Fastbreak Foundation of the Minnesota Timberwolves. You can read more about the contest here 
and the website of the school is here 
The school website says to come by there and vote every day. (and if you have trouble doing it from the link on my blog, just copy and paste the school website into your own browser and try it )
For other updates from 'blogs I read",
 Sack at Half a World Away  Click here: Half a World Away: Qatar Trip - Part 1 
The Online Chaplain  
and BrassyLady,a fellow Soldiers Angel member from Canada, has links to condolence guestbooks for the 6 Canadian soldiers recently lost   Click here: When the power of love overcomes the love of power: Canada loses 6 heroes
Lastly, there are updates posted on both the CaringBridge pages listed in my sidebar, on Eric Edmundsen and Jose Pequeno.

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