Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hard to believe it was only a week ago today.....

Keeping the Virginia Tech students and faculty in our prayers as they start back to classes today.

Just wanted to pass on a few more links:

Click here: Virginia Tech | In Memoriam  

and also a song that is circulating on MySpace....out of all the songs that people have written so far, I think this was the one that touched my heart the most. 

 Many of our area schools last week had bomb threats, and there were rumors flying around at my daughter's school about bomb threats and 'hit lists' and 'death threats' made by other students. The local girl who was shot appears to be mending well, and there was a  powerfully sad story about the other local victim,which you will find on  the blog that has been started by the Colman family to update friends and family on his condition.  

Last week also saw the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombings  Click here: Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum – Official Website

and the Columbine shootings.  Click here: Columbine Memorial

Our minister took the time Sunday to read each of the victim's names of the Virginia Tech shootings, and that started me thinking about some comments I have seen around the web, that we will forget the victim's names and just remember the shooter's name.

And I fear those commenters might be right. We all remember Harris and Klebold's names, or Timothy McVeigh's name

So, one last time before I move on to blogging about other subjects,let us please remember the victims. (And,if you pray,please say a prayer for their families and friends,and also for the wounded who are recovering.)


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