Sunday, April 1, 2007

"Link Luv",LOL

Although I started this blog primarily to get the word out about Soldiers Angels (and my own journey as a member)

This is also my personal forum,lol, for passing on all the "links' that I want to share(instead of sending my family and friends hundreds of emails)

So, the latest in the "Link Luvfest" ? JP at has the new Milblogs up that have just been added 

and since he is at Camp Shelby training, he's also started his platoon's website  
It's "under construction"....but it will also be listed in my sidebar. (and he has "links within links", check under "Team Members")
Also, check under "Support"....for what to send, and where to send it.(How in the world did someone persuade him to list "Beef Jerky Slim Jims"?LOL.  In 2005, JP was a leading light AGAINST beef Jerky in the Beef Jerky Wars )
Well, that's enough "link luv" for today!
God bless our Troops, and God bless their families.


flaggazer said...

JP is asking for beef jerky and slim jims ???  !!!!

Did he hit his head?  Is he ok?  LOL  
(You can tell I read all of the beef jerky wars!)

kasee267 said...

Oh, I'm sure it's for "the other guys",lol.
(or so he says,anyway:)