Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How the Virginia Tech Shootings Affected Us Locally(And Soldiers Angels Respond)

From  THE DAILY NEWS-RECORD  , our local paper.

Two Harrisonburg Students Among Those Shot In Rampage  By Kelly Jasper and Heather Bowser


My daughter attends school with the younger sister of one of those students shot. This hits so close to home, for so many in our community.
Driving home from taking my daughter to school this morning, I wept when I heard this story on the radio

 Liviu Librescu was a Holocaust survivor. And that is what brought the tears to my eyes once again, after so many shed yesterday and today for all the innocent lives lost. 

To have survived the Holocaust, and then lost his life in a classroom in a Virginia university, protecting his students from a murderer.

Our prayers for all of those affected by this horrendous tragedy continue.


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UPDATE 4/18/07 
The Response of Soldiers Angels to the shootings.



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tschuckman said...

Yes,  this is a bad, shocking thing. And yet, when the recentshort war of Israel and the Syrian sponsored Hamas and the others pored so many rockets into the state of Israel-- that took me back to my own War in vietnam where we got shelled and rocketed all the time.  That's when the sum total of allmy military training JUMPS back into the hard drive of my brain toput me into the COMBAT MODE.   I seriously doubt if there exists a combat VETERAN in the world that feels differently!
     I EXPECT mass killings to become more freqent,  AND "GUN COMTROL" will never be the answer!!  Honest, responsible, trained adults with extensive back ground checks could carry firearms and that would be the BIGGEST deterent to  mass murders like the one in VT.  You mustknow that psychopaths love to hurt unarmed, innocent people--- not someone who will "stand and DELIVER"!!
  And that's the way is is, and will be in our godless society.  Remember:  Lions hunt crippled, weak prey--- NOT big , strong elephants !

Tom Schuckman
Union Grove, WI  53182