Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Morning Reading

The above pic really has nothing to do with the's a view of our back deck during the freakish St. Patrick's day snowstorm, when we put out birdseed for all the neighborhood birds.

Sharing the picture Does give me the opportunity,however, to share yet another dorky moment in my life:)

Ever since St. Patrick's day, we've continued to put out birdseed in both a pan on the back deck , and in the bird feeder.  We have Tons of neighborhood birds stopping by (the cat Really enjoys this!:) Because there are so many birds eating at 'Chez Kathi's", we've bought one of the Giant bags of wild bird seed.

Yesterday, I realized that both the pan and the feeder were empty. No problem filling up the pan....but as I reached above my head to try and fill the bird feeder? It occurred to me,just that Fraction of a second TOO LATE....that it probably was NOT a good idea to try and lift a 15 lb.bag of birdseed above my head and pour it into the feeder.

As I stood in the 'rain' of birdseed,lol, I even Said that out loud..."Well, This wasn't a good idea!" (and then I was hoping that none of my neighbors had happened to look outside right then! Although,if they did? it probably led to some interesting breakfast conversations..."hey,did you see the crazy lady across the way pouring birdseed all over herself this morning? And then talking to herself?" :)

Sigh. Somehow, when you're prone to dorkiness? even trying to take care of our feathered friends can become yet another episode in 'the adventures of a dork.'

Having shared that illuminating glimpse into my life?:) I'll move on to sharing a few of the posts that caught my eye this morning (when I woke up with a fever,sore throat, and feeling like a train hit me.....although I guess it could be a reaction to taking a birdseed shower? it really feels...yuck....more like the flu.)

THIS,in my humble opinion, is a 'Must Read'.  Click here: Defense Tech: The Sunday Paper

(and it's also originally featured on  The Sandbox ,and it's on  )

The book by the young Marine who wrote this haunting,heart-wrenching post is here  Click here: The Crumpled Press | Publications | When I Wished I Was Here

(yet another to add to my 'must read' list )

For other news of veterans? Kat at Yikes! has a wonderful post up about a visit from one of 'her' soldiers  Click here: YIKES!: A Weekend to Remember: The Outlaw Visit

and then, sadly, The Thunder Run has a story about someone else from the same unit 

Posts from members of  Soldiers Angels :


Click here: Minnesota Soldiers' Angel: Two Letters, One Emotional Angel

and this Soldiers Angels  member always puts up a post about the fallen  Click here: Yahoo! 360° - Life In The Northeast - Remember. . .

CJ from A Soldiers Perspective also has a new post up at his remembrance site for fallen soldiers 

 Click here: They Have Names - A Tribute To The Lives Of Our Fallen

(and, per White Rose....Welcome Home, Again,Cindy!!....I found out A Soldiers Perspective has also been nominated for several 'Bloggers' Choice' awards)

Click here: White Rose's Adventures

You'll have to register (free registration) but please consider going by and voting at the Bloggers Choice website  

(and check out some of the other blog categories. I love popping by from time to time to read  Go Fug Yourself and  Wil Wheaton , for instance:)
And,lastly, I haven't really posted anything about the recently announced extension of  Army deployments. There are far better bloggers than I posting opinions and news about it. But I will say that more than one online or offline friend has been affected by it, and I'm keeping them, and their loved ones who are serving, in my prayers!
That's all for now.
God Bless Our Troops, and Their Families.


tschuckman said...

Hello Kathi, dear!  You have a very infomative post withsomany great resources today!
  But why do you choose to use the word, "DORKY"?   In my mind it imiplies 'goofy', stupid, clumsy,etc,  and that is certainly not applicable to someone like you.  Youare the total opposite, smart, caring, knowledgable, self sacrificing......nice.
Maybe I am missing something.
   I wish the world had more ladies in it like you!


Tom Schuckman                    
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 1968-70           

kasee267 said...

But, seriously,,,,can you describe taking a birdseed shower as anything But "goofy"??  LOL.
Have a good week!