Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"And now,for something completely different..."

The phrase in the title should be well known to any fan of  Monty Python's Flying Circus .

This has nothing to do with supporting the troops, but hey...it's my blog,isn't it? :)

The picture is of my brother,Kirby Daley, of whom I am inordinately proud . He is a financial analyst for Asian markets (he works in Hedge Funds for a French bank in Hong Kong)

Besides being "the best brother in the world" (IMHO:) he is also easily the most famous member of our family. He's been a regular on CNBC World since December 2002, he appears on CNBC World on Sunday nights , and also sometimes appears on Bloomberg and CNN.

As my youngest sis says here on her blog 

"It's pretty cool to have a brother on international TV"
(although, like my sis....I don't always understand exactly what he is saying,LOL.)
Anyway, also like my sis, I was never able to catch him on TV...we don't have that channel in our cable package,either. So, we were very excited when he told us recently that we could catch him on streaming video online.
Here's the latest clip of him on CNBC World (copy and paste the link in your browser)
and then there's a longer clip on Bloomberg.com  (copy and paste)
(click under 'Related Media on Demand' on the right side)
Just wanted to do some 'big sisterly' sharing about my very special brother!!!:) Besides being a 'media personality", he's also just an all around great guy:)
Love ya,Kirb!!

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