Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Things I didn't blog about last week....

Nothing like 'old news':) But these are things I never got around to passing along last week.

Since I kept forgetting to ask people to vote for me over at Dorkbloggers,LOL....the contest has ended and the winning 'dork' is ....Not Me. LOL. Seriously, the Winning Dorkblogger is announced here 

An organization that Did win a contest I passed on the news about is  Click here: Northern Voices Oral School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Hurray for them! and be sure and check out the video the school posted,at that link :)
Random Threads had a One Year Anniversary that I failed to pass on in blogging about the tragedy at Tech. It's late, but you can still tell her "Happy Blogaversary!  Click here: 1 year anniversary
Cindy at  White Rose's Adventures  is blogging about her attempt at Basic Training......but she has also come up with a wonderful idea
The purpose of this site will be to connect those persons that are in basic training for all military branches and the American public that supports them.
CarnivAOL #37  was last week, and I neglected to pass that on also. It's not too late to check out the entries
(and yes, I have an entry there,lol,but that's not the only reason I'm 'pimping it out'(albeit late.)  Paul is looking for 'Guest Hosts' for future editions of the CarnivAOL.......here's the info about that 
" As well, I am actively looking for guest hosts for the carnival - doubly important right now as I have precious little free time in my personal life at the moment. If you are interested, read the entry here called hosting guidelines, and drop me a line to let me know what date you would like to host. Check out upcoming editions for available dates. Written by plittle  "
The next Guest Host will be May 1, 2007: CarnivAOL #38, hosted by Barbara, at Life & Faith in Caneyhead.
And then after that, it will be.....me:)  May 15, 2007: CarnivAOL #39, hosted by Kathi, at MAIL CALL! Supporting the Troops.
So far, all the upcoming dates after May 29, 2007: CarnivAOL #40, hosted by Sharon, at Golf and Other Stuff... are open:
June 12, 2007
June 26, 2007
July 10, 2007
July 24, 2007
So,why not consider checking out being a Guest Host?If you're interested? send him an email at  PLittle@aol.com
Also, dont forget the essay contest at A Soldier's Mind
and the essays that have already been submitted are posted here
Go check them out! and consider submitting your own....you have until April 30.
The  2007 Milblog Conference  is fast approaching, registration ends April 27, if you haven't already registered.
And there is going to be a Baby Shower, for the newborn daughter of a wounded Marine,(previously mentioned on my blog, among many others)  DJ Emery 
Here's the news about the shower 
and MaryAnn of Soldiers Angels Germany, has a picture of the beautiful baby girl here
Here's a Soldiers Angels member who is going one step further 
to support the troops,check her out:) 
And also, don't forget Kat's latest card drive 
Lastly, this really has nothing to do with 'supporting the troops' (although I do have an Australian friend who is a member of Soldiers Angels and blogs here Click here: Yahoo!7 360° - charlee_rd's Blog - Entry for 24 April 2007 "Today we Lost Five" )
but,I just love this gentleman's page
I have been following him for two years now, he is "92 years young" and started his walks when he was 90 
Well, I think that catches me up on 'things I meant to blog about,but didn't".
Stay tuned tomorrow for the Wednesday Hero post.
God Bless Our Troops, and God Bless Their Families.
(Oh, and P.S.  Has anyone else been watching the Planet Earth series on  The Discovery Channel ? This is awesome!:)

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ceilisundancer said...

LOL, thanks, Kasee:)  And I think it's more dorky to forget to ask people to vote for you as biggest dork!  lol   (Your brother is still cute, though.  ha.)