Thursday, April 19, 2007

Westboro Baptist "Church" coming to VT funerals?

From a fellow Soldiers Angels member on MySpace comes this news:

Virginia Tech Funerals to be Target of Westboro Baptist Picket

Never missing the opportunity to take advantage of a tragedy, Fred Phelps and his gang of haters at Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket the funerals of those killed in the Virginia Tech shootings, according to a message on their website (which I haven't linked on purpose):

"WBC will preach at the funerals of the Virginia Tech students killed on campus during a shooting rampage April 16, 2007. You describe this as monumental horror, but you know nothing of horror -- yet. Your bloody tyrant Bush says he is 'horrified' by it all. You know nothing of horror -- yet. Your true horror is coming. 'They shall also gird themselves with sackloth, and horror shall cover them; and shame shall be upon all faces, and baldness upon all their heads' (Eze. 7:18).
Why did this happen, you ask? It's simple. Your military chose to shoot at the servants of God today, and all they got for their effort was terror. Then, the LORD your God sent a crazed madman to shoot at your children. Was God asleep while this took place? Was He on vacation? Of course not. He willed this to happen to punish you for assailing His servants."

No doubt they'll blame the shootings on the gays as well. But as many people have noted, the more these nuts trot themselves out, the more a symbol of the need for tolerance they become.

(Like the poster above? I will not link to the Westboro site. If you wish to confirm this for yourself? the site is easy enough to find with a search.)

UPDATE Because of a comment left here, I thought perhaps these videos might give some people a better idea of the kind of 'preaching' that Fred Phelps and his group might do if they attend any funerals of those killed Monday at Virginia Tech.

 Click here: Fred Phelps & Westboro Baptist Church "visit wounded soldiers" at Walter Reed - Google Video


 Click here: YouTube - Westboro Baptist Church in El Paso

The news that WBC might be attending these funerals makes me ill and makes my blood boil.

While we have stood with the Patriot Guard Riders  at the funeral of a local fallen soldier, the Patriot Guard Riders will not be shielding the families of those massacred at Virginia Tech, as they had this message posted on their website.

 Board of Directors Statement about Incident at Virginia Tech -- 16 April, 2007

First and foremost, on behalf of the Patriot Guard Riders and its membership of over 88,000 nationwide, I want to extend our deepest sympathies to all the families that have been impacted by the tragedy at Virginia Tech. There are no words to convey our hurt - nor our condolences - to a proper level. Suffice to say, you are not alone in mourning the loss of a family member, or a friend. The Patriot Guard Riders – and this nation – share in your loss.    

There are times when a nation sits in pure shock at the news of a tragedy… 16 APR 07 was such a day. As members of the Patriot Guard Riders, we are all too familiar with the loss of great people. We are all too familiar with young lives – full of promise and hope – ending far too soon. Perhaps nothing is more tragic. This organization was founded with the purpose of honoring those that have given of themselves to serve a cause higher than their own… that of their country. For this, they earned our respect, our admiration, and our unwavering gratitude. However, as we all would agree, great people occupy all walks of life – and impact us everyday. There is a quote from a movie that I am reminded of… “You don’t have to wear a stripe on your arm to have honor”. At times such as this… we realize how true this is.    

This nation lost 32 innocent lives – some of them young adults just starting to see their lives take shape – still preparing to make their mark in this world. We lost teachers whose charge was to shape and develop the minds of the future. We lost students who had eyes full of hope, promise, and dreams – all left unrealized, and unfulfilled. We all lost something yesterday… even if it was a simple notion of a peaceful serene existence at such an age in life.    

The question has already arisen, “Will the Patriot Guard Riders attend services if invited?”  

Some of the victims in this tragedy were members of the Virginia Tech ROTC program. If we are invited by their families, as an organization we will accept these missions and do whatever we can. However, some of the victims were not involved in the military. For those, the Patriot Guard Riders – as an organization – will not be involved. That being said, let me continue…    

The strength of the Patriot Guard Riders is not in the organization – but in the membership. Look at the matter in this light… the Patriot Guard Riders is one organization. One organization made up of over 88,000 members - 88,000 members focused on doing what is right to preserve honor, reverence, and respect. As an organization, the PGR must adhere to its mission statement.However, as a person who has vowed to uphold statements like “Never again” and “Because it’s the right thing to do”… I have a choice to take action where action is needed – and support is requested. If you have the opportunity to assist a family in need… whether it be under the name of the PGR or not – do it. Do it, and let others know, for as I said, the strength is not in the organization – but in the people.   

Good organizations don’t make good people. Good people make good organizations. And good people do what is right… and take care of our families.    

Our families lost some of their own… let’s do our best – on an organizational level – and on a personal level – to take care of them as we would in any other instance.          

In memory of those lost on 16 APR 07…


While I respect the decision of the PGR to adhere to their mission statement? I cannot bear to think of the family and friends of any of those lost on April 16th at Virginia Tech to be subjected to a picket by Fred Phelp's group while they lay their loved one to rest.

So, I am posting this tonight. Please feel free to copy it,link to it, but most of all.....PASS THIS ON,however you wish to do so.

And please be ready, as we will be, to...(.as it says above).....take action where action is needed – and support is requested. If you have the opportunity to assist a family in need…DO IT



tschuckman said...

It must be too early in the morning for me-- but why in the world would anyone picket a sorrowful time like this  ??   I am a member of the Patriot Guard, but I am some what limited how far I can travel to help out in this capacity because of my bad back...  But I like that org !

Tom S

kasee267 said...

I'm a PGR member,also,Tom and I like that organization,also:)

The Westboro 'group" (I refuse to think of them as a 'church") would picket these funerals to further their own agenda, and to gain national exposure.....they seem to have no compassion or empathy? or else why would they choose to picket funerals of Anyone in the first place?