Thursday, April 12, 2007

Holy Schnike! Time for a Blog Post

Holy Schnike!(reference from the movie 'Tommy Boy' , one of my favorite exclamations:)

It's been days since I posted anything!

Lots of odds and ends to talk about, I've been on the Internet these past few days,LOL, just haven't had time between work and life to pull together a post till now.

First of all, for "Soldiers Angels around the Web"? Here's some posts I bookmarked to pass on

Click here: Soldiers Angels New York: Drag Racer Supports Troops

Click here: Soldiers' Angels Kansas City: Soldiers' Angels: Walking, Talking History

Next, this was an interesting read....(that I came across accidentally when looking for something else altogether...the usual way I find things,LOL)
Then, this is a blog worth checking out 
(and thanks to Gazing at the Flag ,for reminding me about it!)
I wanted to pass on news about this bicycle ride  Click here: World T.E.A.M. Sports
(as I am supposed to be helping out at a stop along the ride as part of  Soldiers Angels )
And I came across two posts on  this blog  about the bike ride
(have to support the 'other' type of 'bikers' brother-in-law is a 'biker' :)
Here's a story that makes my blood boil!!  Click here: How Specialist Town Lost His Benefits
Don't forget the 2007 Milblog Conference coming up in May! And they are looking for donations for the Webcast,Chatroom  
AOL Journals Editor Joe blogged about a 'blogger's code of conduct' forming because of a brouhaha 
and then I came across this mention of a "Milblogs ROE" on this blog  Click here: The Yankee Sailor - A Superior Blog, Courtesy of an American Sailor
For "News about Music from the Troops"...I spend a lot of time on MySpace, and because of that, I got a message from this Army combat medic
to check out a song called "Drive On" by a friend and fellow combat medic here
I like the song (sorry to all the 'hip hop haters"...I like just about anything but opera, I'm pretty varied in my music tastes:)
The combat medic also told me that 25% of the proceeds from the sale of the CD would be going to the family of this soldier 
(along with some donations to other military organizations.)
And,because I Google everything, I also came across this about the family of Jeffrey Williams  Click here: STNG ::Help on the way for fallen soldiers' families
Lastly, I leave you with a link to this video, of an "antiAmerican" Squirrel,LOL
(H/T to the boyfriend,lol, for finding that one:)
God bless our Troops, and Their Families.

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tschuckman said...

I will carefully chose my words about the Town situation in Findlay, Ohio.
Oxley was an atrocious jerk when I lived there.  Town would be better off contacting, David Hobson, George Vonovich and Mike Dewine to get any where with getting this dispicable act.