Monday, April 9, 2007

This 'N That, and "hate mail"

Since a large part of my blogging philosophy is "pimping out' other links:) I wanted to just pass on several links that caught my eye this weekend.

THIS is a 'must read', and I totally agree with A.C.....I think everyone should be posting this on their blogs.

Click here: A_C - Free To Be Me: We Have Not Earned The Right To Forget

Then,via Blackfive   Click here: BLACKFIVE: Marine Lieutenant Andrew Kinard Update

I was led to this slideshow from one of the links  Click here: Audio slideshow: Andrew Kinard's Marine reunion

And it was also via both Blackfive and The Mudville Gazette (and please click on both their links for 'more of the story") that I was led to this story   Click here: The Denver Post - Line drawn in park over statue

Lastly, I also have a page over on Yahoo 360 

and this morning, in response to my 'blast' on that page
I received this message:
To support the TRUTH, please check out soldiers of curse in IRAQ !! your USA is bleeding to death!!
I am very with this, don't you see Smoke going out from white house because they felt the dangerous curse is falling on you!!!
be patient, in 2012 ! everything will be clear to you
Go! to hell!
Well, I guess that's one way to start Monday morning! Since that's really the first piece of 'hate mail' I've received, I suppose I've been extremely lucky thus far.

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flaggazer said...

Sorry you are getting that hate spam - it is illiterate and disgusting.  Made to sound like it is coming from the middle east, the last one I got like that was from California...

I got a doosie this morning!  Ah, the joys of blogging!!

Thanks for the link to A_C's piece!