Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sorry I've been So Quiet :)

No, I didn't fall off the side of a mountain after we went to the Highland Maple festival  this past weekend,lol.  We actually had a lovely weekend, with both the festival and then visiting with family....my cousin and his wife welcomed a new baby girl last week, and everyone got together to see her:) and the weather was absolutely gorgeous both Saturday and Sunday. Almost 60 degrees both days, sun shining,blue skies.....days that make you glad to be outside!

The Maple festival was a blast....we walked around viewing the crafts, went to a sugar camp, and ate Way too much....maple doughnuts, maple sugar candy, and then bought some maple cream spread and also buckwheat pancake mix and maple syrup,so we can continue to get fat long after our visit,lol. We also drove around afterwards,visiting some places in the mountains where we used to live.

Sunday I visited my grandson, who is getting SO Big:) and then went to the cousin's house to welcome the new baby, and also played H-O-R-S-E in basketball, and since it's been about 300 years since I last did that....guess who L-O-S-T? My cousin took both my daughter and I for a short ride on his new cycle, my boyfriend shook his head later when he asked me "What kind of bike was it?" and I replied,"Ummm....Maroon and Black?"

Guess I'm just not a 'biker chick',LOL, but even if I don't pay attention to what type of motorcycle I'm riding on.....there's just nothin' in the world like a bike ride on a warm,sunny day in the springtime!!!

Sunday evening was spent catching up on writing cards and letters, had to send a note to Our Young Man in Basic, and condolence cards for the fallen being remembered by the Soldiers Angels Living Legends Team , that is always a somber and sobering chore, and prayers are being sent up for those families.

Also had some cards to send for the Soldiers Angels Cards Plus and Soldiers Angels Wounded TLC teams, and then a letter to write for the Soldiers Angels Letter Writing team.

So, I didn't get much computer time in again until today, and now it is time to get ready for work once again,so I'll just say I wish everyone a good week!

And God bless our Troops, and their families.




ceilisundancer said...

Been so long since I've had a "real" bike ride!   Ahhh, memories:)   Congrats to your cousin and his wife!  YEAH~   -- Robin

trace7 said...

Maroon and Black, huh?  That would be my answer, too.  ;)

Yay!  Welcome Hannah!

lsk49rs said...

I am SO GLAD YOU ARE HOME and back safe and sound........