Saturday, March 17, 2007

Didn't make it to Gathering of Eagles:( but here's some sites posting about it

Well, at 0430 this morning, we made the final decision not to try and make it up to DC. Sigh. And I had so wanted to do this!

However, I wanted to pass on these sites that are posting about it today.

Looks like they have a good turn out! Go, Eagles...we're with you in Spirit, even if we couldn't be there in person!
UPDATE: This blogger ( a fellow member of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll )
has pictures, also, and promises more. 
UPDATE 2: Aw,heck, there's so much getting posted now, I can't keep up with it. My best suggestion is to go do a  Google Blog Search  on "Gathering of Eagles"...LOTS of great stuff getting posted!

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