Friday, March 2, 2007

A Little Bit of Everything

First off, a belated Congratulations! to the Milbloggie Winners on  (Click the link to see the winners)  JP did, IMHO, a wonderful job of running the Milbloggies and dealing with website technical difficulties,all while preparing to deploy soon.

Next, Soldiers Angels is mobilizing to help the military families of Ft. Rucker, AL, after the recent tornado which hit Enterprise, and also Ft. Rucker 

 Click here: Soldiers' Angels

(and in the "it's a small world" department.....I lived in Ft. Rucker as a child, when Dad was in the Army. Probably why I still love helicopters to this day.)

Our prayers go out to All the families of  Ft. Rucker and of Enterprise. As the parent of a high schooler myself, my heart weeps for them, it is every parent's worst nightmare.

I have finally finished reading  The Blog of War by Matthew Currier Burden of Blackfive  (I ordered it for myself while ordering  The Illustrated Manual of Sniper Skills  for son #2 as a birthday gift,lol, isn't that what every mother buys their son for their 21rst? It's what he asked for,though :)   The Blog of War was a great read, and I re-read some entries I remembered reading for the first time on the 'Net, and also read some new entries that I hadn't seen before from some excellent bloggers. All in all, it felt most like a visit with some old 'friends', to read some of the blog entries selected for the book. A very good book, I highly recommend it.

Speaking of books, another book I highly recommend is Heart of a Soldier by James B. Stewart . This is the story of Rick Rescorla , a man I consider a true hero. There is a website dedicated to him  Click here: Rick  and please consider checking it out.

Mr. Rescorla was also pictured on the cover of the book  We Were Soldiers Once...and Young  by Harold G. Moore and Joseph Galloway . This was the story of the Battle of Ia Drang in Vietnam, and this leads me to point out the latest Medal of Honor recipient, who was involved in that battle  Click here: Medal of Honor - Major Bruce P. Crandall

and the Pentagon Channel is coming out with a new series,the debut featured Major Crandall 

Now that we're on the subject of television shows, friend  Jason  ,who had some videos featured on My War Diary, alerted me that the DVD from the first season is on sale. Click here: My War Diary DVD -- Discovery Channel Store -- 775130

A member of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll , Blandly Urbane at DeMediacratic Nation  alerted folks like myself to this very well written post by another blogger

A long time ago, I posted about the "Camp Pendleton 8" believing in their innocence as so many others did. I have been remiss in not further updating the story once all the guilty pleas began. Possibly no one even remembers me posting it? but I finally came across an essay that expressed how I felt about the whole matter, so I pass that on here  Click here: U.S. Military Deserves Respect, Despite Actions of 'Pentagon Eight' by Jeff Emanuel - HUMAN EVENTS
And if you are a photographer? here's a contest you might be interested in 
Lastly (and I know, this post has been a hodge-podge,but it's stuff I've been gathering to pass on, and decided to do it all at once:) here's a wonderful song  Click here: To Everybody Back Home [ If I Die Before You Wake]
and here's some info about the singer  Dustin Evans 
Hope everyone has a good weekend! My week was rocky, I slipped and fell Monday night in ice/mud, and wrenched my back, but am finally starting to feel better.
God bless our Troops, and their families.



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