Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Auction Results are in!

The winning bid was $1530.00! 

Here's a Thank You from SC Eagle 

Noodlehead from  SavetheSoldiers  made a YouTube video to help the efforts.  
 (sorry,I can't seem to get the logistics of embedding on AOL.)
And here's the most complete listing I could find of all the bloggers and websites who participated in spreading the word. (Not going to include myself, if you're here, you know I have been talking about this all week.)
Sources for list:
 (who teamed up with
and Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson(who donated 3 of his books for the auction) and also   Mary Ann, A  Soldier's Angel in Ohio, to make this auction happen....and I think they did a phenomenol job!!)
For other news....the PayPal donations are at $ 30,647.72 !!
I said in my  second post  about this that the reason this touched my heart and I wanted to try and spread the word about this family was in memory and honor of a dear friend of mine, Kathy Vandall, who lost her own battle with cancer several years ago. 
We became friends in the last years of her life after I first coached her youngest son's soccer team (not very well, I might add, I was a coach simply because no other parents wanted to volunteer...not due to any super soccer coaching skills on my part!)
The other parent who co-coached the team with me decided to organize a benefit for Kathy and her family after he learned her story.  I will always remember what a fantastic lift that gave to Kathy and her family, and how much they appreciated and treasured  the love and support they got from our small community at the benefit.
Just as I am sure the Stanley family appreciates and treasures the outpouring of love and support from so many friends and strangers on the web.
And so somewhere tonight, I think an angel named Kathy is smiling down  on all the fantastic folks who organized this, bid on the auction, donated, tried to spread the word, and are praying....and she is saying
"Y'all did well !"
God bless and hold the Stanley's close in the days ahead.
Please  keep them in your prayers.
 And please don't forget that PayPal donations can continue to be made at

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