Sunday, October 29, 2006

Please Help Welcome Home the 172nd

You may remember back in July when the 172nd Stryker Brigade tour got extended? 
Well, via come this posting saying that they could use our help.
** Together Forward - Homefront **

Operation: Quiet Comfort, in coordination with the American Red Cross at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, is assisting the families of the 172nd Stryker Brigade who's 12 month tour of duty in Iraq has been extended for an additional 4 months. This combat-experienced brigade is patrolling the streets of Baghdad as part of "Operation Together Forward" and more than 3,800 troops are affected by this extension!

Many of these families spent the last 12 months in the lower 48 and returned to Alaska to welcome their soldiers home...but their soldiers aren't coming home just yet. These families are staying strong for their soldiers but they need assistance in so many ways.

In anticipation of their hero's arrival, and transfer to their next duty stations, many families shipped their household goods - including winter clothing - to the next destination. These heroes need their minds focused on the battle and not worrying over their families at here at home.


Financial contributions can be made to:

1024 Apple Street
Fort Wainwright, AK 99703

Contributions sent to the "Fort Wainwright Military Family Emergency Services" fund will be used "EXCLUSIVELY" for our military members and their families.

OQC member, Lisa Shivel from Ft. Greely, Alaska is serving as the Volunteer Project Coordinator for "Together Forward-Homefront". She has agreed to accept the following specific items.

172nd Stryker Brigade's EXTREME BARRACKS MAKEOVER!

1500 TWIN Sheet Sets w/pillowcases - good quality WHITE only (they can be washed and bleached) - No flannel please

1500 TWIN Comforters - DARK solid colors only (black, dark green, navy, gray)- No red please

1500 STANDARD pillows

500 Shower Curtains with Curtain Rings

Your contributions during this extraordinary time will be hand-delivered by Lisa and her family to the American Red Cross station at Fort Wainwright. Shipping labels must be clearly marked with full names and return addresses.

Packages without a return address will NOT be accepted by Lisa or her family for their safety and security.

Please send your bed linen donations to:

Lisa Shivel
P O Box 31247
Ft. Greely, AK 99731

Thanks very much to those of you who are stepping up to the plate - this is time sensitive...The need is YESTERDAY.


I'm sharing the attached email to help everyone understand just how difficult things are at Fort Wainwright. I don't believe we can do much more than we've been doing and still maintain our focus on our primary mission at Operation: Quiet Comfort...but I can't turn my head and pretend I don't know.

You can read this email - intended for you - but I will summarize a couple of key points here that Margie and I talked about on the phone yesterday before this email arrived:

1. There are SO many wounded returning to Fort Wainwright that they've had to reopen a barracks scheduled for demolition to house them. There is a new hospital being built but it will be some time before it's complete - and the wounded continue to arrive daily.

2. There are 1500 heroes returning from 14+ months of duty in Iraq to barracks that have a bed sheets, warm blankets or pillows. In addition, there are no shower curtains. DON'T EVEN ASK ME HOW THIS CAN HAPPEN! I DON'T HAVE ANSWERS - AND YES, IT DOES BOGGLE THE MIND (and then-some).

3. This base is soon to be at 167% capacity with new service members and their families arriving daily.

( Read the rest of the post here  

So, please consider doing what you can to help. And please also pass this on.  These soldiers have been asked to go way 'above and beyond'...can't we give them a wonderful welcome home as our thanks?

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