Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hurray! and Thank You to Everyone:)

My grandson is out of the hospital this evening. Thanks so much to everyone, for all the prayers and encouragement!!

And now I can just settle in to wishing I was in Hong Kong,lol, with the rest of my family. My youngest sis just flew over to join my parents, who are visiting my brother and his family. You can check out my sis and brother-in-law's blog here

Thanks! to my sis for sending the pics, and my brother-in-law for posting them:)

And for news about Angels and Soldiers?

Billy at Hunts for Heroes has his new site up now

And have you checked out the Coalition Angels?

Click here: Coalition Angels

and some of their projects? Click here: Coalition Angels Projecs

The Online Chaplain has a new post up 

and here's a new (to me) blog I came across today 
Enjoy the surf:) and thanks again for all the care and concern:) We are extremely,humbly grateful for all the prayers and good wishes.

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