Friday, October 6, 2006

Friday Web Wanderings, and Family Pictures

And now,for something completely different :) (love Monty Python)

Just thought I'd post some family pictures of us (and also slip in a few more 'gratuitous grandbaby pics') and then just share some various web sites I've come across in my wanderings, not all of them have anything specifically to do with the military or supporting the troops....just sites that seemed kind of interesting:)

I came across this site because of the 2,996 project , it's the blog of an American woman who lives with her family in Saudi Arabia.

I think I've mentioned this guy before, but this blog is just a flat out great read!
(and I came across his blog because he left a comment on Kat's Yikes blog . Just another way I can get lost surfing the web,lol, when I start clicking on the blogs of folks who leave comments.)
I found the next two blogs because I am a complete and utter geek:) and I actually surf Technorati sometimes, just lookin to see what's out there.(or how is it that my sons put it? "you have no life,Mom, get off the computer!")
I have no recollection of how I found this next blog, but I need to start reading her! because the 'Adoptee' that my son's fiancee and I got through Soldiers Angels is a Marine!!    Click here: Samantha Speaks
And this last blog I think I've also mentioned before, it's a fellow member of Soldiers Angels  who, as she says ,is "a mom" who "writes books, talks to animals, and likes dorky people" (seeing as how I am a certified 'dork' myself, I really like her!:)
And,just a reminder...don't forget to check out  Talking With Heroes this Sun,Oct.8.
So, that's my post for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend! God bless our troops!
Update: Euphoric Reality has Updates on the Pendleton 8 .
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