Friday, October 20, 2006

Military Family Compassionate Auction

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Via The Radio Patriots

The e-Bay auction of Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson's three-book set to benefit Army Spc. Reid and Ellicia Stanley is underway (scroll down to next post).

To place your bid, go here.
I've placed a picture of Army Spc. Reid and Ellicia Stanley and their family at the top, so you can see whom this auction will benefit.
Again, the story of what this family is facing is here 
The auction is going on for 10 days, please be sure and spread the word!
This story has touched so many hearts.
In my own case, I want to spread the word about this in memory and honor of my dear friend Kathy Vandall, who passed away several years ago from cancer after a valiant 5 year battle. She left behind a loving husband and two young sons. Her courage and strength in fighting so hard for so long not to leave her family remains an inspiration for me to this day, and a testament to the power of love for me. And I will never stop missing her friendship and laughter.
My prayers continue for the Stanley family.
And while I hope you'll add them to your own prayers, you can also take action for them by participating in the auction, and/or by spreading the word about the auction.
Thank You.

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