Monday, May 14, 2007

Bullrun Rally,Prayers Continue, and "Fake Gun Attack" on Schoolchildren

I was off work today, and we decided to head a half hour down the road to Staunton ,as the

Bullrun Road Rally  

was making a stop there, at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel .

(And there's a Bullrun Blog here  Click here: BULLRUN 2007  )

I had seen this article about it in the  Daily News-Leader , one of our area newspapers,

Click here: The News Leader - - Staunton, Va.

and we just thought it would be something fun to do  (and hey, wouldn't it be great if one of the celebrities mentioned Did show up? I'M thinking "Dr.McDreamy" Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy,LOL)

Well, we didn't see any celebrities, as far as I know (or else we just didn't know who they were if we did,ha ha!)

But we did see a lot of cool cars! and there was a large group of folks there,and it was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining in a blue sky and it was not too hot.

We took a lot of pictures of cars (yes, with a disposable camera once again,lol) and I'll post them once we get them developed.

A nice way to spend time with the family on my day off :)


Our prayers continue for the missing soldiers in Iraq,and for their families

Click here: Top News- Group Urges U.S. to End Hunt for Troops - AOL News


and,what do you think of this?

Click here: ABC News: Teachers Stage Fake Gun Attack on Kids

the update to that story is that the lead teacher and the assistant principal were suspended for the last 3 weeks of school,without pay

Click here: ABC News: Educators Suspended for Gunman 'Prank'

I found the school website here 

and their earlier news release concerning the 'prank' (?!) had disappeared from their web page, but I was able to find a posting of it    HERE
thanks to this post on KnoxViews blog  Click here: Assaulting Our Children "Responsibly" | KnoxViews
(and be sure to check out one of the links on the post, to the blogger at who has a differing point of view about the whole incident
My personal response to the incident is that it was totally inappropriate, particularly in light of the recent Virginia Tech shootings, and especially because it was originally presented as a 'prank' on a school field trip.
There is no way I, as a mother, would ever consider it a 'prank' for any of my children to believe....even for 'just 5 minutes',as supposedly happened.....that they were possibly going to die at the hands of a gunman.
My question to you a three week suspension without pay an appropriate action to take against the teachers involved?
Or do you think stronger measures should have been taken as disciplinary action?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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trace7 said...

Nope - they should be fired.  That could cause those kids to need therapy, meds, etc.  They should be sued as well.