Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Today is Silver Star Day ,More about Face of America bike ride, and "Bad Voodoo Platoon"

Tanker Brothers has a great post up about today,May 1, being Silver Star Day, which is:

" a national day set to officially remember and honour all the wounded troops in America, from any war."

You can check out the post here   Silver Star Day May 1st..  ,there is a great speech by a mother of a wounded soldier reprinted there.

and please check out the Silver Star Families of America , who came up with the idea for Silver Star Day .

Since this IS a day to honor our wounded troops? I thought it was a good time to remind people to stop by and check out the CaringBridge pages of some recovering wounded soldiers who have been listed on my sidebar for a long time now....

Sgt. Eric Edmundson

Jose Pequeno

and maybe leave them an encourging word, to let them know they are NOT forgotten.


Continuing with honoring our wounded troops, I came across a DefenseLink news article about the 2007 Face of America Bike Ride that my daughter and I attended as volunteers for Soldiers Angels this past Sunday 

Click here: DefenseLink News Article: Wounded Troops, Supporters Ride Bicycles 110 Miles

Please check out the article(and I'll have my pics up soon, I hope!)


On another topic, I felt like it was time to mention once again the website for 

Bad Voodoo Platoon

of which  JP of Milblogging.com is a part.

They're getting ready to deploy to Iraq, and I think these guys are going to be the 'bloggiest bunch ever',lol, be sure and check out their blogs!

Click here: Bad Voodoo Platoon - Blogs

And it was also on their website that I came across this video, which had me falling out of the chair laughing. (Language warning )

Thanks,guys, for making my day!

(And there's also a place on the website where you can learn how to support these fine Guardsmen )  

Lastly, here on the homefront......Our Young Man in Basic Training called home while I was,( of course!) in MD on Sunday volunteering.....but he is doing well. And June is getting closer and closer!!!:)
And  my brother Kirby and his wife, who have a second daughter who isn't due to arrive until May 26, is currently on an around the world business trip, and the baby seems to be trying to show up early.....he's hoping she'll wait until he gets home,and I'll keep you posted on when I become an aunt again!:)
That's all for today,
God Bless Our Troops, and God Bless their families.

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