Monday, May 7, 2007

Mentions of Soldiers Angels in the news,FOA pictures, and a friend on CNN

I finally had a moment to put together an AOL pictures album of my Face of America bike ride pics above, and on Saturday Lynette from Soldiers Angels also told me about this website where tons of people are posting their FOA pictures


I found this past week a few notable mentions of Soldiers Angels in the news that I wanted to pass along

Click here: Army nurses in Iraq work out a way to build charity, muscle -

Click here: Montgomery Newspapers - House of Heroes gets some guardian 'Angels'

Click here: - Students 'Pay It 4ward' To Troops In Iraq


And Sean "I'm Not Famous" (LOL) from  Doc in The Box made it onto CNN....way cool!:) You can see the video here  Click here: Video


I suppose everyone (hey, all ? of my readers,lol) is wondering why I haven't blogged about the new Army regs regarding Milblogs? Especially after the Milblog Conference .

Well, I'm just still unsure of what the heck it all means, and how it will affect milbloggers, even after attending the conference.

I think the most well-informed person I've seen speaking about it is Army Lawyer

but I also saw this post from Sack in Iraq 

So, I think everyone is just in a 'wait and see' kind of mode. Only time will tell how this is going to affect milblogging.

And it's of even more interest to me now, because we have  the boyfriend's son  in Army Basic training....I started out blogging simply as a member of  Soldiers Angels but now that I have a tie to someone in the military....what does these regs mean for me as a blogger,because what effect will it have for Dustin ?

I still don't know, but if and when I ever have a more definitive answer, I'll pass it along:)

 I'm getting ready to move onto the dreaded midnight shift for some of my shifts at work, so I will most likely be confused the rest of the week,LOL.

Which reminds me. I hardly ever mention it here, but I Am a hey! don't forget it's 

 National Nurse's Week 

Have a great week,everyone!





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