Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sites I want to pass on

My work schedule the past few days has sort of knocked the blogging out of whack for me,lol, but I wanted to pass on a few sites I've bookmarked recently to pass on.

First off, nothing to do with supporting the troops, but this was just a very interesting take on an interesting meme that I found over at The Wandering Author.

The meme was "If the blogosphere were coming to an end 24 hours from now, what would your final post be?"

 and I think what the Wandering Author came up with in response to that will give you food for thought.

Click here: the Unending Journey of the Wandering Author


Next, Anysoldier.com has a forum up now, thought you might want to check it out

Click here: Forum.AnySoldier.com - Forums


Memorial Day was spent quietly here, I was coming off of night shift and trying to catch up on sleep, and I actually went the entire day without going near the computer (I know, unbelievable,huh,Mom? :)

But there were still some posts regarding Memorial Day that I wanted to pass on for you to check out.

Mom sent me this in an email   Click here: 50,000

Wait-Not Yet has another beautiful set of photos up  Click here: Memorial Day - Remember

(and actually, her whole photo blog is a treat:)

MaryAnn of Soldiers Angels Germany, had a photo up with a link to a photo essay

I received an email about a site to "Adopt A Troop in Prayer"
And,lastly, the Big News in the world of Soldiers Angels is This Book
That's all for now, I hope everyone has a great week.
God Bless Our Troops, and God Bless Their Families.
(P.S. Oh, and Paulette from  My Rambling Mind is back posting again!)
She is an absolutely stellar blogger and troop supporter, and I've really missed hearing what she had to say. So, welcome back! Paulette :)


ceilisundancer said...

Considering some forms of blogging have started being censored and/or limited, his thoughts are not terribly far off the radar.  So, what would YOU blog about?! :)

kasee267 said...

LOL...still mulling that one over:)