Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Travels around the 'Net

Short trip,lol, but we go all the way to Iraq along the way.

Speaking of trips, I am horribly late in passing this on:

Hero to Hero is already halfway into their yearly road trip (you can see the first post about it Here  Click here: The countdown begins ...  ) and I just can't say enough good about these folks :)

Their main website is here  Hero to Hero US  What they do is collect shirts from First Responders and police, and send them to the troops.

Seeing as how I have a son who is in the Sheriff's dept here,lol, maybe next year I can get my act together in time before they start, to see if our local police and fire departments might want to get involved.

At any rate, don't miss the rest of the blogging about their National Tour road trip.....these folks are awesome!!


The 40th Edition of CarnivAOL came out this past Tuesday  

and I got to it late, but there's some good submissions there. It was hosted by Sharon at  Golf and Other Stuff... , and if you check out her blog further, she has a really great blog!
I had a blast when I hosted the CarnivAOL myself not too long ago, and now that it's a 'traveling show', I highly recommend it for you to consider hosting it's not only a good way to get more exposure for your own AOL journal, it also introduces you to other really cool AOL journalers :)
Paul is still looking for guest hosts, and if you're an AOL journaler? Please go read what he has to say   
In late-breaking Memorial day posts? I came across this blog, where this gentleman did a series of posts about  American Heroes heading up to Memorial Day.  What a wonderful idea!  Figuring it's never too late to pass something like this on, I send you to his Memorial Day post, and if you look to his sidebar on the right of that post, it lists all the Heroes he featured     Click here: The Bill T Blog: Memorial Day 2007
Yankeemom has a great post up about the trip Soldiers Angels took to Walter Reed after the Milblog Conference    Click here: Yankeemom
And now, for Iraq news?
One of my favorite deployed milbloggers is
coming home,Yay!!  
(I didn't even know the book was coming out)
and lastly.....he needs money.  NO,lol, NOT for himself...but, as if he won't have enough to do with redeploying, And preparing to run in the Chicago Marathon....he's also registered 'Team Sack" as he calls it, in a race he found out about from the Fisher House web site.
Now, he wants to raise $1,000.00 in the next 18 weeks. You can read about it here
I have seen the power of the Internet together with the giving hearts of so many great folks time and time again in the past, and I don't know...I'm just thinking that spreading the word about this can probably end up helping Sack raise WAY more than $1,000.00.
What do you think?
So, please feel free to copy and paste, and spread the word. Post it on your blog, and/or email your friends (heck, email your enemies,too,lol:)
One of America's finest, who's just given over a year of  service in a war, is wanting to still give More. I think that all you fine folks who read this, and I ,can help him out:)
Thank you, for any help you can give in spreading the word!!
Go,Team Sack!! :)

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