Friday, June 1, 2007

Update on "Go, Team Sack!"

Yesterday, I posted about one of my fave milbloggers,  "Sack in Iraq" at Half a World Away . During his deployment, he's been training to run a marathon (which is amazing in itself, I think if I were deployed to a 'really hot place', I'd be lucky just to function,LOL)

Anyways, he's going to be running in the Chicago marathon in October. But he recently discovered that he could raise money for the Fisher House While running in the marathon. And so he has registered to do that.

I was most excited today to discover that some of the other bloggers that I alerted to this have already put up posts about it, Yay! Thanks So much to them!!

and in just a few short hours, his pledges on his pledge website    had already DOUBLED!! Woo Hoo! This is why I think the Milblogging community, and the Internet, ROCK!!
Now, I know we have 18 weeks to help him do this 
but I was just so excited by what seems to be such a great start that I HAD to pass the news about this on!! :)  "One Day, Pledges Doubled"!!
(and my thanks,also, to 
who immediately went by and donated, plus left this comment on Steve's page that says exactly how I feel, too
"amazing people like you, Sack, whose idea of multi-tasking is simultaneously defending our country, raising a family, and raising money for military support organizations."


edk929 said...

Thanks Kathi for being so resouceful.   My husband is such a determined person and this response will make the trip to Chicago all the more awesome.  Like you, I can't even run around the block, so I am so proud of his efforts and and his committment to military families.  Kathi, thanks again for getting the word out.  And yes, the Milblogging community is awesome!  I can't belive this response so far.
Erika(Sack's wife)

kasee267 said...

Thanks for saying that , Erika...I was Glad to do it! it has really been a joy to get to 'know' your husband, And read about your whole family,
and I just think y'all are Great folks:)