Tuesday, June 19, 2007

THIS...should be going viral by now,IMHO

I was late to the RCT 6 email party and didn't post about it till yesterday, as on Flag Day I was watching our Amry MP graduate from training

 (and I'm going to say again "Platoon Honors Grad"!! because, if we don't brag on the boyfriend's son, who will? LOL:)

But, Grim over at Blackfive first posted about the Regimental Combat Team 6 hoping for emails of support ON Flag day

Click here: BLACKFIVE: Roundtable with Col. Simcock, Commander USMC RCT-6

and that's now FIVE days ago.

They are  up to 1,500 emails, according to today's update

And THEY aren't complaining, they are very appreciative, as evidenced by this blog post here on their blog  
But, I guess I'm disappointed....I would have hoped this would go 'viral' by now.  It's so easy to send an email :) Don't think to yourself "oh my gosh, they need 6,00 emails!" Why not think "Hey, I can send One email today"?
So, I'm going to post it once again, and urge you all....Please SPREAD THE WORD!
Once again, per  Grim at Blackfive  , here's the email address:
And let's show some Marines some love

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