Friday, June 8, 2007

"Reverse" Mail Call, and I may 'throw like a girl,but..."

"Reverse" mail call is just when I write about letters Received from the troops.

As every Soldiers Angel member knows, that's when you do the 'happy dance',LOL. (and as the Family member of every Soldiers Angel knows....that's when you roll your eyes and say 'oh,gosh, Mom must've gotten another letter back from a soldier,since she's acting all excited and goofy.")

Well, I was able to do the 'happy dance' this past week, as I got the Sweetest letter from a Marine. (which I don't think 'sweet' is usually a term that you immediately think of, when you think 'Marine'?:)

I am always astounded, and humbled, by complete strangers that I send my slightly goofy letters off to (and more about my writing later in the post,lol)...who take the time in the middle of serving in a War zone, for pete's sakes, to say 'thank you'.

What the young Marine had to say was awesomely wonderful, and warmed my heart no end.

To quote in part:

"Soldiers Angels has been incredible concerning the level of support they've shown my platoon and I.  It's people like you that remind us of our true mission."

and "I've actually been surprised, by how many people write just to say thank you".

But mostly I wanted to share the letter because the following is why I, and every other member of Soldiers Angels (and all the other troop support sites) Do what we Do.

"I hope that you continue to write to service members. Whether they write back or not, I assure you they are grateful.  I certainly am."

None of us who write to the troops ever EXPECT to receive a reply.....but, when you get one like that? It just renews your commitment to writing that much more!

Thank YOU, to "J" :) You made my week! :)

(And if you're at all interested in writing to the troops yourself? Please check out Soldiers Angels at   )


Now, for the part about my writing? I may 'throw like a girl",LOL....but apparently, I a Guy??

My friend over at   Random Threads  had a post earlier this week "Does your writing give clues to your gender?" 

and if you go by and check her post out, you can test yourself.

Beware,though. I tested myself, 57 ways to Sunday,LOL.....and the results ALWAYS came back that my writing was MALE.

I know it says it's not 100% accurate....but this is really messing with my head:)


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