Friday, June 8, 2007

A Wonderful Update, Congratulations! to JP, and Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

First of all, Kat's husband is Home, as per this update  

There's still some healing that needs to go on, but a big Thanks to all the 'prayer warriors' who responded to the request!
Next, a big CONGRATULATIONS! is in order for JP over at
A fellow blogger from  Bad Voodoo Platoon  "outed" him with this post 
(which explained for me all the comments on this post  "Website Update"  , over at
So, Congratulations! SGT. Borda!!
(and also,Thank you! When you post something like this  Blogger creates Google Custom Search Engine for Milblogs , and give me the 'Hat Tip" for passing it on? That enables me to say to my family  "See, there's SOMEONE who appreciates all the time I spend on the computer!"  And that is...Priceless,LOL:)
And now, on to Soldiers Angels Web Surfing for the past week.

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dyim98 said...

Hi Kathi,

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog Along the Road Less Traveled.  I am starting to write my first letter to my Soldier, and it's good to know there are good people like you to look up to out there!

Hope all is well!  

God bless,