Friday, June 22, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing


(Just wanted to say that I went ahead and deleted my post from earlier this week, about sending cooling neck scarves to the guys in  Bad Voodoo Platoon ....turns out someone in the "Hausfrau' network

 (the term 'hausfrau' was first applied to supporters of JP when he was deployed in Afghanistan two years ago, by a commenter on his blog, to describe all of us 'motherly' types who were commenting on his blog, and supporting him in various ways )

anyway,turns out someone in the 'Hausfrau' network already had the mission underway,to get the scarves to 'our guys', and at this point we are just waiting to make certain that they will be allowed to wear them, and then the mission will be a 'Go' :)

And now, for this week's installment of Soldiers Angels Web Surfing.

Click here: Minnesota Soldiers' Angel: Greetings from The Big Apple


Click here: Soldiers' Angels Kansas City: Friday's Letters From the Front:

Thank You for Your Support



Click here: Angel Kisses: New Eligibility Requirements Effective Today For Joining the Soldiers' Angels "Letter Writing Team"


Click here: A Soldier’s Mind » Soldiers' Angels Europe needs help!


Click here: WE WANT MAIL! - German Soldiers | Soldiers’ Angels Europe


Click here: Soldiers Angels New York: Saturday In a Small Town


Click here: Miss Behavin - Behavin as Usual: Hit Home...


Click here: Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho - 3 1/2 Weeks - What could you do?


Lastly, from the  Soldiers Angels Network  blog, comes this story

 I'm both a member of  Soldiers Angels AND an LPN who works in an assisted living facility. This story combined two of my passions, and warmed my heart:)






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