Friday, June 22, 2007

GREAT Updates, and just some Random Links:)

The Fighting 6th Marines put up this a few days ago

Click here: Warm Greetings - Fightin' 6th Marines!

and then today there is This wonderful update on the email project for them on Blackfive

Click here: BLACKFIVE: RCT-6 Update: 4,970 emails and Three Flags


I got an update with some Fantastic news! from the CaringBridge page for

Sgt. Eric Edmundson


From a post by the AOL Journals Editor comes a link to this site I hadn't come across before

Click here: Flickr: soldiersmediacenter


(and,speaking of Flickr, my brother-in-law always has great pictures up

Fellow Angel and Blogger Sapphire Cat, over at  Cat is my co-pilot , alerted me to a new milblogger
Lastly, for some posts about Milblogging
and the next two installments on the Memo's on the Impact of Milblogging, from The Right House


butch9436 said...

Merci, ma cherie ... for all this news.  I actually took the time to go to Eric's page ... and was astonished at the progress he has made.  Toooooo bad that the 'national news cast' and news channels often look over this kind of greaaat events.  We could all use some gooooood news ... from time to time ... LIKE ... EVERY DAY.  DIEU TE BENISSE!!!  Cajun Sissy Macile

kasee267 said...

Thanks,Sissy...Yes, it was Amazing, the progress Eric has made,wasn't it?
I was so happy to read that:)