Monday, June 18, 2007

More pics:) and some Projects to pass on

Ok, the pic is just a 'teaser' :) can see All the pics I've uploaded to Flickr



And now, it's Monday morning....back to the 'real world', and back to work for me later today.

In the meantime, here's two projects I came across that I wanted to pass on. Both are via my Angel friend, Lisa in DC, who is shaping up to be a fantastic blogger! (and I think she should be getting Way more hits,hint,hint...:)

First of all, want to send a supportive email to a Marine? here's how

and's Never too early to 'Think Christmas', when you're a troop supporter!
There's lots more stuff going on out there in the blogosphere, I'm sure....I think I'll be spending the week playing 'catch-up' on emails and blogs, but these are two I wanted to pass along right away.
And, enjoy the pics:)



kamdghwmw said...

Thanks for those links. We have friends that will be leaving for Iraq.... well after Christmas. Anyway, I have to get busy and get their quilts made. I make all of them quilts to take to Iraq.

butch9436 said...

I visited the Georgia Soldier's Angels site.  Boy, what a worker Diane is; and the memories it brings back to me.  A couple of service clubs that I was a member of ... did that for our troops in Vietnam.  Some of the guys who got the packages came to visit us after they came home.  We lost one, but after I located his family (we knew the town he lived in and wrote to the Post Master ... ) ... we stayed friends and pen pals for the rest of his mother's life ... and his brother let us know when she died.  Ohe, if only those who protest ... would put their energy into projects such as these.  'The world would be a bette place'.  I have a signature in my mail center ... When the Love of Power is replaced by the Power of Love ... the world will finally have PEACE'.  DIEU TE BENISSE!!! Cajun Sissy Macile