Monday, June 4, 2007

TEN DAYS TILL GRAD! and Updates on "everyone and my brother"

Yep, only 10 more days till  the boyfriend's son

graduates from Army Basic Training! Woo Hoo!(or,probably, I should say "Hooah!":)

(and sheesh, good thing he never reads my blog, or he'd probably croak that I'm plastering his face all over the 'net,LOL)

As far as the 'updates on everyone and my brother"? I guess I should more specifically say "my brother's Newest Addition to the family"

Here is my newest niece, being held by her older sister

Sigh, I wish they didn't live 8,000 miles away. (I think that's right,lol, never was good at distances,though, I had to Google it) I've never met his oldest daughter yet, now I have TWO nieces to meet!!

(Update: ROFL. I was so busy posting the pic, guess I didn't take time to look youngest sis and a friend both had to point out to me that Tabatha is flashing the 'peace' sign. Sigh.....another 'senior moment', I guess:)


Got to give a shout out to Another friend who just became a new Auntie:)

Click here: Cat is my co-pilot: introducing...Miss Teagan Muir!


Sack has an update(along with a very nice Thank You, which wasn't necessary but was much appreciated)   Click here: Half a World Away: Fisher House Update, Pre-Marathon Training Complete

and two more stellar bloggers weighing in about him:)

Click here: Gazing at the Flag: Soldier Running Marathon for Fisher House

Click here: Bear Creek Ledger » Soldier in Iraq raising money for Fisher House


(and I am just over the moon, when I check the pledge page, at how the word is spreading. Go, Team Sack!)


Got to mention my old friend JP from and the Bad Voodoo platoon are getting ready to deploy, and they are going to be, I think, the 'bloggingest bunch ever':) Go by their page to check out the blogs, and the Greetings videos they've posted for family and friends.

Click here: Bad Voodoo Platoon - Home Page


There have been updates on two CaringBridge pages from recovering soldiers that I'm late in passing on

Eric Edmundson

Jose Pequeno

We must never forget that for some, the battle continues long after they have returned home.


And continuing along the lines of 'never forget', a blogger listed in my sidebar begins the story of how he spent Memorial Day weekend   Click here: Blog Machine City: hail the victorious dead

and a fellow Angel never forgets to mention those being remembered by the Living Legends team   

(And speaking of the Living Legends Team ? I owe a HUGE 'Thank You', to the benefactor who read my post about having to temporarily take a break from the team and felt led to make it possible for me to return to being a part of that team.  I don't believe it's possible to express adequately how grateful I am for someone like that....but, you know who you are, and my heartfelt Thanks goes out to you.)
Want to send some mail? Cindy at White Rose's adventures is continuing to do what she can to get mail to those in Basic Training  Click here: White Rose's Adventures
and has set up a MySpace page for that purpose for right now.
Lastly, apropos of nothing whatsoever to do with anything,LOL....I have opened up my 'family blog' (subtitled 'watching paint dry',so that should give you a clue what to expect) to the public, and you can read one of my most recent entries here
just to hopefully pass on a Monday smile:)
That's all for the updates today. Thank you for stopping by here to read!

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