Monday, June 4, 2007

Urgent.Prayer Request (and please spread the word)UPDATED.

Got this news from Chromed Curses just a few minutes ago:

Prayer Request

I got a call from Kat in GA and her husband is in the hospital.

She was at a funeral a couple of hours away from home and her husband was working on one of the cars. He collapsed in the driveway with heat stroke. Kat’s 13 year old called 911 and her hubby was rushed to the hospital. He spent the night in ICU with a 105 degree temperature. He was incoherent and dehydrated severely.

He is now back down to normal temperatures, but still hospitalized at least through today. Kat hasn’t heard anything about tomorrow. When they examined her husband, they found the beginnings of pneumonia, which may have worsened her husband’s susceptibility to the heat.

Please keep them all in your prayers for a quick recovery. If you have a blog, please put up a prayer request. Thanks

Sending up prayers here. And please feel free to pass the word on.
June 5: Today's update is not so good.
He has a fever again. He is all sick and hurting again--chills aches abdominal pain. :( Was doing good yesterday but today not so much. :( Kat.
So, please,let's continue to keep those prayers and encouraging thoughts going!
(And, my heartfelt Thanks, to Indian Chris at Right-Wing and Right Minded , for passing on the word about this to the  Wednesday Hero Blogroll  members. )

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