Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Web Wanderings

Above are my pics ( all five of them,LOL) that I took with my disposable camera at the Milblog Conference . I didn't take more, because I felt like a dork using a disposable camera,lol. And hmmm...seems like I took most of these at the luncheon? I guess that gives away my priorities :)

I have been floating around the Internet this morning,bookmarking sites to put in this blog post, while waiting to hear that my Mom was back home from some surgery she was having. Just heard from Dad, and Yay! they are back home!!!:)

Now, for Mom, comes the hard part.....the surgery was on her vocal cords, and now she CANNOT TALK FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!! Being as how we are a family of 'talkers', I think this will be torture for her. (and I cannot imagine it for myself,either)

But,thank God, the surgery is over, and Mom came through fine. (and my thanks to all my friends and Mom's friends, who were sending up prayers. That is So much appreciated!)

We had a lazy weekend, watching movies this weekend,since my back was kind of acting up. Watched Blood Diamond (awesome movie,IMHO), and then, because the Third movies are  out and I'm always behind in my movie watching,lol....watched Shrek 2 and Pirates of the Caribean:Dead Man's Chest

If my back Hadn't been bothering me, we could have gone to This event, which S.W.A.C. Girl blogged about, with some great pics 

 Click here: SWAC Girl: Back from 1864 ... the Battle of New Market

And speaking of the Civil War? one of the guys from  Bad Voodoo Platoon had some words about another battlefield

Click here: Northern Disclosure: ….all he got was a number!

Those guys are getting ready (or already are) to go on block leave,before deploying, and another one of them had their blog post listed in The Dawn Patrol at The Mudville Gazette  Click here: Mudville Gazette  (which I think The Dawn Patrol by Mrs. G is THE definitive listing of what's out there to read in Milblogs. )

I came across this post  Click here: Nara Vincent Blog  this past weekend, and it's a wonderful post, but I could find out nothing about the author (a civilian embed?) nor did I see any other posts on there. Just thought I'd pass it on, if anyone knows anything about this author? I'd love to know more.

A Soldier's Perspective had a good post up  Click here: Noble Duty Milblogger Coalition - A Soldier's Perspective » Blog Archive » Marine's Last Request Inspires Charity 

 (and that entire blog is always a good read:)

and one of my Fave milbloggers also had a good post, about another book I need to add to my 'must read' list  

 Click here: From My Position... On the way!: My Decision to Live

(and I can't believe this, but Chuck seems to want some Traffic , so I hope y'all will 'show him some luv',as they say. I Saw him at the Milblog conference, but never had the chance to approach him and say "Wow, I'm a huge fan!"....although I Did get to speak to his wife,very briefly.)

Another of my fave milbloggers has a post up about his current training for a marathon run( which I highly admire as I don't think I could even run a Block! let alone a marathon)    Click here: Half a World Away: [U] Pre-Marathon Update Weeks 6-13

Lastly, let's see if this will work....came across this video on MySpace, looks like My War Diary on the Military Channel is going to be having some new episodes, and this was just too cute Not to share.


"My War Diary" - Dancing With Myself

(well, looks like it worked,LOL.)

And now, while I am writing this, I am both coloring my hair, cooking supper for the fam,since I'll be working this evening, and doing laundry.

Which can either be considered 'organized multi-tasking' or, (more possible in my case) "trying to do too much at once, and Something will go horribly awry",LOL.

So,hope everyone has a good day! :) Time for me to sign off!



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