Monday, May 21, 2007

Outraged over a game based on the Virginia Tech shootings

I read the other day that a 21 year old from Australia (apparently born in the US) has come up with a game that is based on the Virginia Tech shootings

Click here: Outrage over Virginia Tech game - Games - Technology -

He posted it on both his personal website, and onto a US based gaming website called . When people worldwide began reacting with outrage? He posted that he would remove it if a 'ransom' of several thousand dollars was paid.

I have no words fit to print for what I think of this...person.

While I saw today that his personal website has been shut down

Click here: Offensive online game goes offline - Technology -

The game is still posted at

If you'd like to let the newgrounds staff know what you think about this?
The contact information is here
And please feel free to pass this on.


lsk49rs said...

I am going to tell you is this type of thinking that is the result of Moral Relativism.  The old. "what is good for you is good for you but might not be good for me' crap.  The arguments that "If you don't like this just don't play the game" will be used to promote this as some sort of freedom of expression issue.  The reality is that whomever promotes this type of exploitation without one flipping thought for the lives lost and shattered by that day is beyond stupid.

And in the words of Ron White - you cannot fix stupid.

kasee267 said...

I agree,Leslie. I also think it's kind of a sad commentary, that the Australian web server seems to have realized what a breach of poor taste it was, and shut down his personal website,
but the US based server leaves it up. No doubt for all the free publicity for their site. I almost hated to link to the site, but hard to direct someone to the contact page without it.
And yes, Lambourn posted a comment on that page "LOL" about his Australian server shutting down his personal website, but went on to say he was thankful that the US site still believed in 'freedom of speech."
My guess would be the US site believes in the almighty dollar, and to heck with the grief,pain, and sorrow caused by the murders, or the atrociously bad taste in making a Game based on those murders.

ceilisundancer said...

lsk had some good words here.
I had heard that a game similar to this was developed shortly before the VaTech shootings, but the distribution was held off initially.  Not sure if this is the same one or not.  Whether based upon this shootings, or dreamed up, anyway, I find it insensitive and promoting negative things, violence for violences sake, etc.  It should bomb, hopefully, and not even receive publicity just disappear....  More respect is in order than what this "creator" did, IMHO.

iwanderingauthor said...

I agree the person who vomited forth this game (I refuse to call it creation) is sick and twisted. And I have no use for a web site that would keep such filth on their domain. But I've checked out the "games" site that you provided a link to. They clearly exist mainly for shock value. Just read the titles of the games the founder produced to see what I mean. So, every link to them encourages them. Every complaint incites them. They won't take this down - they want people making a fuss. <b>The worst thing you can do to them is ignore them.</b>
That's why I didn't even repeat the name of TastelessNamelessGameSite.junk ;-)

kasee267 said...

Good point, I fretted over providing the link. I hate giving traffic to something like that.  I thought of just providing the 'Contact' link....but that's still going to link to the website.
And,for me, when I did the search,  I was ticked off further, when I read his comment "LOL".....a girl in our own community who attends Tech was shot 3 times, a man in our communtiy lay covered in so much blood from a fellow student that it literally saved his life,because apparently Cho thought he was dead,also, and so didn't shoot him again.
And all this a#*hat can think to say is "LOL, the other company shut down my website"?
The main reason I provided the link to the game itself was the game creator's comment.

Yes, there's something to be said for 'ignoring' it all.....but obviously enough people responded in outrage that at least the Australian web server said "hosting this is wrong."

Besides,I'm a passionate believer in the Edmund Burke quote,"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing."

I sat on this for almost a week before I posted, thinking that ignoring it might be the answer. But I finally decided that even if my effort was futile, at least I had to make the effort.


monponsett said...

Someone should give him a $2000, then shoot all his friends.