Friday, November 9, 2007

"Band of Bloggers"

Just finished watching   Band of Bloggers on the History Channel

 and it's worth watching!! 

( HAD to watch it, LOL, as my good friend Sean from  Doc in the Box  is in it!)  No, seriously, I Wanted to see it, and totally forgot to pimp it out ahead of time.

It's on all weekend,though, so there's still time for you to watch it!!  Here's the schedule:

Friday, November 09
08:00 PM
Saturday, November 10
12:00 AM
Monday, November 12
12:00 PM
Monday, November 12
06:00 PM

I thought the show was very well done, and dang, it sure 'took me back' to 'the early days' of milblogs.....which wasn't all that long ago, was it?

I can still remember the first time I came across Sean's blog, and how he encouraged me to become a member of  Soldiers Angels. (and who had a clue,then, that someday I'd meet him in person? certainly not me:)

And I can still remember crying as I read  Rusten Currie's posts about losing

COLWilliam W. Wood
CPT Michael MacKinnon
CPT Raymond Hill
SPC Shakere Guy

By the way, seeing as how it's a show about Bloggers, wouldn't ya think somewhere on the History Channel they'd have links to the blogs that were featured in the show?  Just a thought. Although I applaud the 'old media' featuring the 'new media', I'm just thinking it could've been a little more 'wired'?
Anyway.....Try and check the show out!

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smidgenzdaddy said...

I have checked it out not a hour or so ago, im just a nobody, and dont know anyone there, but feel like... DAMN! The shit the people have to endure, see, and go through. I was SO inclined to write, I found myself mid way though an email to "GI Kate" not even knowing why but after watching just feeling like she deserved SOMETHING....ANYTHING in recognition of what her and others like her endured. I am hoping to find out how to PERSONALLY be able to correspond with these men and women who are still involved in "conflicts" and such without all the typical crap, just to give them someone to talk to, without having to explain trivial, meaningless bull unless they just need to vent and maybe dont have a family or something. An dby personally I mean that they have a REAL person, not just some site, or message board, or writing a buddies people cuz they have none of their own. Hell, Im not even sure all this makes sense, but like what i want in return is what I offer...real, uncut, free, and open. Peace and Love to all!