Friday, November 9, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My weekly 'meme' with a list of postings by and about  Soldiers Angels  in the blogosphere.

Not a definitive list, because there's tons of stuff out there, but what I thought was worth passing on.

Valour IT

The list is endless, of bloggers posting about the fundraising competition that continues through Nov.11, this was cute :)

Click here: Soldiers Angels New York: Not The Kittens!


The 'Head Angel' speaks on Powerline

 Click here: Power Line: A word from Patti Patton-Bader


and is featured on The Radio Patriot

Click here: The Radio Patriot: MEET PATTI PATTON BADER


And Congratulations! are in order for Patti

Click here: Random Thoughts: Congratulations Patti!

(and although she's not a Soldiers Angel, another online friend who is a true 'Angel' is ALSO a winner...Congratulations! too, to Paulette :)

Click here: Yahoo! 360° - My Rambling Mind - It's Official


More Christmas Stuff!

Soldiers Angels Louisiana (which by the way is also the ' Featured Blog of the Week ' this upcoming week here on my blog)  posts about the upcoming Holiday

Click here: Soldiers’ Angels Louisiana » Thinking Holidays & About our Heroes?


Great update on a Soldiers Angels project here!

Click here: View from the 8th Floor: Could you?


and someone who lost her fiancee in Iraq, is thinking of others

Click here: Cool, Calm & Collected...: Christmas Card List:


A Mention of Soldiers Angels

by a very  good ('new- to -me') deployed blogger

Click here: 6 Months in Kabul: Soldiers' Angels


I Have No Words

The Johnson family, mentioned before here , sadly lost their last surviving child.  Soldiers Angels VA Team has a posting up (scroll down)

Click here: Soldiers' Angels VA Team: Johnson Family needs our Prayers

 if you pray? please  keep them in your prayers. It's simply unimaginable.






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