Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Operation Santa-Now THREE Ways to Send Christmas Cards to Wounded Warriors

Gazing at the Flag  passed on the word about this one


Operation Santa/Marine Moms Bethesda


but you've got to hurry, as cards need to be postmarked by Dec.3 !

Operation Santa  is putting together Christmas stockings with gift cards and treats and cards to deliver to the OEF/OIF veterans at


 Walter Reed

 Balboa Naval Hospital 

Brooke Army Medical Center


If you want to send  Christmas Cards to be put into the stockings? send them to:

Operation Santa

c/o Marine Moms Bethesda

P O Box 22

Cordova MD 21625


Please note: The cards must be glitter and coating free - these come off and can cause secondary infections in the wounds. Don't seal the envelopes - they are screened.

They should be postmarked by December 3.

Contact Jane at for more information about the cards.


If you want to help out with the stockings? They can use our donations to purchase stocking stuffers and pay for postage.  Again, check out their post here

or you can contact Carrie at for any one interested in supporting the efforts or for more information about the stockings.
As I said  in my post last Saturday
But now you can use  OPERATION SANTA ABOVE to send cards to our nation's armed forces who were wounded in our country's service.
OR you can send them to:
PO Box 653
VA 22968
(They are accepting cards to deliver to the patients at Walter Reed and Bethesda Hospitals as well as to other hospitals where there are Patients from this war)


you can send a batch of cards in UNSEALED envelopes (so they can be checked first) to be delivered to the wounded at   Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

That address is:

21st TSC, Medical Transient Detachment
ATTN: Soldiers' Angels
UNIT 23203
APO AE 09263

My thanks to Carol, for reminding me of the address at Soldiers Angels Germany, and you can also send cards to the staff at Landstuhl, as this post says here

and if you wish to do more than send a card for the patients? check out this post
I hope I've given you plenty of ways to send Holiday Cheer to our nation's wounded this Christmas, but time is running out to get this done!
OPERATION SANTA needs cards postmarked by Dec. 3 
And the US Postal Services deadlines for Domestic Holiday Mail are:

  Domestic Mail Class


First-Class Mail

Dec. 20

Priority Mail

Dec. 20

Express Mail *

Dec. 22

Parcel Post

Dec. 15

* For Express Mail, check with your local post office for the most recent information


(But please keep in mind that the VFW post in Ruckersville,VA would need cards sent SOONER than those deadlines, to be able to review and gather the cards together to deliver)

And the
 US Postal service deadlines for
International Mail Addressed to Europe are

Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG) 4/*

Express Mail® International (EMS)5/*

Priority Mail® International6/*

First-Class Mail® International

Dec 19

Dec 17

Dec 11

Dec 11





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