Friday, November 23, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

Hope everyone had an enjoyable day yesterday!

This week's  Soldier Angels  web surf is going to be short (as everyone breathes a sigh of relief,lol :) my work schedule got changed at the last minute, so I'm rearranging my life in a hurry in order to go in early.

MaryAnn has a nice post up


and then Michelle Malkin has a very sobering opinion piece, which I'm including because it mentions what Soldiers Angels has done (along with other groups and charities) for the Johnson family

and as ever, please keep the Johnson family in your prayers.
Fbl has the final fundraising totals for Valour IT
Soldiers Angels Texas has a post about a program I wasn't aware of before
Don't forget Greta's Mardi Gras program :)
and here's news from Soldiers Angels network about holiday greeting cards
This week's featured blog will be  Angels in Arizona  , they're posting some good stuff there :)
Enjoy the surf!
For other links? I also got a short  Hooah Roundup post up over at Hooah Wife and Friends today
and we got our link from our Stars and Stripes holiday message for Dustin
(and as I mention over on Hooah Wife, you can send your own holiday message to a currently serving soldier here )
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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