Friday, November 16, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

Blog posts I wanted to highlight both by and about   Soldiers Angels

The two Big news items to pass on about Soldiers Angels are:   Patti Patton-Bader winning the Microsoft Above and Beyond Award.

Click here: Microsoft Above and Beyond Effort Award: Patti Patton-Bader


(and for information about All the winners, you can go here:

Click here: Microsoft Above and Beyond Awards winners

and especially check out my friend Paulette :)

Click here: Microsoft Above and Beyond USO Promotion and Success Award: Paulette Nelson

(who blogs here  Click here: Yahoo! 360° - My Rambling Mind   )


and the other big news is:  that the Army won the online competition for fundraising for Valour IT ! Yay!

Click here: BLACKFIVE: Army Victory


This was a nice tribute to a member of  Soldiers Angels

Click here: Cohenside: A Soldier's Angel


And Soldiers Angels Texas has a good post up.

Click here: SOLDIERS' ANGELS TEXAS: Dallas VA Stand Down 2007


Two Ways to Send Holiday Messages to the Troops 

 (and a reminder, Walter Reed Army Medical Center does NOT accept Christmas cards mailed "To Any Soldier" )

"Text the Troops" from Soldiers Angels New York

Click here: Soldiers Angels New York: Text The Troops


or, if you personally have a deployed soldier (as we do, big shout out to Dustin!) Soldiers Angels Germany tells of a Stars and Stripes program to send a message to Your soldier.

Click here: Soldiers' Angels Germany: I Will Be Your Soldier


and,because we are Finally going to visit with each other this weekend,Yay! This week's featured blog will be   Cat is my co-pilot

That's all, enjoy the 'surf'.






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