Monday, August 14, 2006

Congratulations,Willie!(and let's help her project:)

Soldiers Angels "International Goodwill Ambassador", the awesome Wilhelmine Aufmkolk("Willie") who recently received an extremely cool 'thank you' from some troops 
has a project that I'd like to ask you to participate in
"Welcome Back – till you get Home - Greetings"

Dear Angels,

we are working on a "Welcome Back Book" for our heroes who are returning to their duty stations in Germany after a year long deployment from Iraq or Afghanistan....

Can you please send
"Welcome Back – till you get Home - Greetings" for these wonderful soldiers who are returning back to their duty stations Germany?

Just put yourself into the shoes of a single or unaccompanied soldier who returns after such a long absence…. No big “welcome home” signs at the airport.. no family waiting – yes back, but still not HOME !! Soldiers Angels Europe would like to show them the same appreciation as their counterparts receive when they arrive on home soil – to tie them over till they get to take their block leave and finally make it “home” to visit friends and family.. our work shouldn’t stop with just sending packages, these soldiers worked just as hard over the course of their deployment.

They've made just as many sacrifices, fought just as hard for a cause and a country we try to support here and back home. And yet miss being welcomed or loved when they return from a completely selfless and stressful year away.. think about that for a moment and how that must feel…

I'd like to have these by August 30 thank you all so much!

Please send only:

- e-mail greetings and

- do not forget to write your name and your e-mail address on it, that way they are able to write back!

And if you could add a picture to your greeting, that would be just great (but not necessary, if unwanted)

Thank you for your help.

E-mails are send to: (

I sent my email today! Please consider sending yours
And then AFTER sending your email, would you also please consider sending a "snail mail" card to a wounded soldier?  
THANK ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!!  ( And aw,heck....if you can participate in projects like these....why not just go ahead and go to the Soldiers Angels website  ?? and you can either sign up to ADOPT a soldier.....or you can sign up for just the LETTER WRITING TEAM  (read info on it here first:) Or take a look at the many SOLDIERS ANGELS OPERATIONS  and see if there's something you want to get involved in!!)

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